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Where’s Pinko


Anybody have any ideas where Pinko Punko is? Adorable Girlfriend posits:

I think he’s dating Marie Jon. He doesn’t want anyone finding out though. Either that or the fling he had with Ann Coulter may have been more than we think.
Anybody care to post their own ideas?

The Cobags Won


I’m too upset to breakdown the election, but it’s a very sad day for me and for all Canadians with a social conscience. With only about 36% of the popular vote, giant cobag Stephen Harper is now the Canadian Prime Minister. This is a defeat for everything that I love about Canada. It’s a defeat for social justice. It’s a defeat for women’s rights. It’s a defeat for unity. It’s a defeat for ethnic groups. It’s a defeat for gay men and women. It’s a defeat for health care. It’s a defeat for education. It’s a defeat for a balanced budget. It’s a defeat for keeping a voice independent of America. It’s a defeat for the poor. Canada is f***ed. Really royally f***ed. Pretty sad that about half the country voted for our two socially liberal party, The Liberals and New Democrats, yet we are now going to be run by the neo-cons. Thank goodness for the one voice of sanity in North America …… Mexico. Sigh. I’m going to get drunk now.

Proud, Proud are We.

[Mystery revealed]
We are proud that our nation’s foremost waffle-lover had to watch Sci-Fi Friday to come to the conclusion:

I’d have to check with Ramesh and Kathryn, but my guess is that using blood cells from the unborn to save lives when there is no harm to the fetus is probably acceptable to some pro-lifers and at least it would change the moral calculus.

Why would you have to check with Ramy and K. Lo? Somebody else is doing your moral calculus? And why not examine the scientific literature? Something tells me that if Battlestar Galactica is prompting debate for you…never mind. It’s not worth it. Forget I said anything. Teh l4m3 on the same, but with more gusto.

We Cannot Divulge Our Sources

But sometime between 10 pm and 11 pm EST, Jonah Goldberg creamed his Pillsbury Doughpants. I guar-on-tee. He might have also pooped. His excitement would have been palpable.

12 Seahawks Street

Crap, I don’t think I can keep up arch-nemesising these metacobags. I’m having so much fun! They are freaking hilarious, too! (Except for the fact that they think cobag is not a good insult while using the tired old cliche stereotype of us country bumpkins is downright AWESOME!!!!1!)

Witness exhibit a:

In a post about the infamous Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders, alba notes that although the squad is called the TopCats, at least one of these 2 should be a Bottomcat.

You add this to Bluefoot’s comments here, you can’t deny the awesomitude of these guys.

Even if they are wrong about the game this Sunday: Panthers 27 – Seahawks 21

[added: 3B! is 12 Seahawks Street’s enemy blog of the week! Finally, some real recognition!]

We Just Got Pst0mized

We are total cobags. We got pst0mized by Seahawk dude! We’re not too much of cobags to admit quality when we see it. Yosef?

Uh Oh. Guess Who is Suiting Up For 12 Seahawks Street. Thank Goodness He’s Only in the Stands.


Yosef, why did you call Steve Largent a cobag? WHY? Since people don’t know what it means, you haven’t caused the pain and suffering you desired!

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!

Seattle Seahawks first team ever to be disrespected or looked past by cabal known as the “media”!!!!


*Chumpwagon Chickadee on a Triscuit, people! I was going to root for the Seahawks, but it turns out some of their fans are metacobags. alba is cool, though.


DO NOT PERFORM THIS GOOGLE SEARCH! You might get in trouble with Johnny Law.

God help you if your debauched predilections go this far.

Cobag U.


“Hi, my name is tree Treacherously Poised Over Pedestrian Walkway Blown Over By Storm DECEMBER 29th (TPOPWBOBS). I’m on the campus that brought you Condoleeza Rice. What are the odds I will be removed in a timely fashion. Oh, by the way, what day is it?”


In other news, whose up for BLOGGING MAN!!!!! I would give a billion gummi bears to someone if they could slip in a fake bio of Pammie on this page.


Let’s be serious por uno momento. We really really need suggestions for casting the role of Pammie in MGT. Airbushing clothes on a naked Bratz doll is out. Something more symbolic is what we are looking for. We have two nominations so far:

1) CG says barbie with Smokey turd head. Seems unsanitary.

2) PP says hole in the ground. Possibly hard to represent with limited set budget.