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The New Pornographers AND Belle & Sebastian, foolz!

Well, the epic tour of NP and B&S has just begun, and already I’ve seen the show. Boston gets all the indie band love you see. As PP correctly predicted, New Pornographers were easily the better of the two acts. They played an incredibly tight one hour set containing most of their best songs from Twin Cinema and Mass Romantic. Only one track from Electric Version, though. Sadly missing were any of the Bejar compositions. Neko’s voice was even bigger and better than normal, although her new hair cut confused the usual stirring in my loins at her sight.

The headliners tonight were Belle and Sebastian, and given the fact that the crowd was only at 80% occupancy for NP, it’s clear who the stars of the evening were. It was strange seeing B&S in a club show and with only nine musicians on stage. I mean there wasn’t even a harpist! [Blasphemy! -ed] This was the new rock and rolling B&S. One of the funniest moments of the night was Murdoch attempting to descend into the crowd, but kind of teetering for a while on the edge of the stage. Not bad for a guy that used to play entirely hidden from view. Even Stevie took a solo act.

Clearly, B&S are practicing to become rock stars, and they might get there one day. The best songs, however, were their slow and tender songs: “The State I am In”, “The Fox in the Snow”, and “Jonathan David.” Bonus points for pulling off “Your Cover’s Blown” and “Electronic Renaissance.”

The new songs haven’t really burrowed themselves into my consciousness, but I think they’re probably really good. PP has given me the code for a video for one of their new songs that I’m going to insert here. If it works, I’ll take full credit for competency. If it doesn’t, it’s PP’s fault. This is “Silly Little Frog”:

Seriously, the outcome is not in doubt.

Tom Cruise, operating Thetan VII, or maybe VIII, mind bending, f***-sh** up level power.  Thought controlling moving objects with his mind.  Whatev, cuz he’s going up against Chuckles.

Let me set the scene.  I picture the actual Tom Cruise, kidnapped against his will for real (this is more like method acting for him, except you can’t tell him the method, because he’s not really an actor). He’s locked in a room.  There is an announcement that he is on camera and that he may address the camera.  He gets all mad and gets steamed up and tries to move sh*t with his mind.  Maybe this is like “Saw”, I don’t know.

The point is that after he has marinated for about a half an hour, Chuckles is tossed in there with him.  Chuckles may or may not know about the plan, but either way, he’s gonna play it Chuck.  Chuck then proceeds to just ask Tom Cruise about Scientology in that “maybe I’m interested but it sure sounds like bullsh**” way. Inevitably, Chuckles starts asking Cruise “Can you move this with your mind?  What about this?  What about this?  Or this?” (Basically cataloging every object int he room and Tom Cruise’s ability to move it with his mind) “Are you going to use your powers on me?  What would happen if you did?  Are you reading my thoughts?  Are you controlling me?  Wow, that’s one badass intergalactic ruler, is he gonna shove my *ss into a death-cano?”

A good time is had by all.

We Had Charles Bird All Wrong

From Hello, actually.  Parrotline sets us straight.  They’ll set you straight, too, so our less than str8 readers are urged to steer clear of this heterozonehole of right thinking.

Best meat blogging ever!

I urge everybody to take a quick stroll over to our friends at They have an article today that involves meat and sports, and is of the highest quality cut. Additionally, they have links to a wonderful set of curling MP3 compilations that gives new honour and dignity to the sport. I will never think of “on the button” quite the same way again.

Chazmo Bird, You Astound Us

He’s taken all the ‘Baggies. We thought we’d invent some awards and then give them to ourselves, you know for overall and complete cobaggery, but we’ve been had by Charles Bird. First, Sebastian Holdsclaw of ObWi has an inordinantly asinine discussion about ad hominem in a Chaz Bird thread of profound inanity (discussed here), and given the solution space of inanity already explored by the internets, this was an accomplishment. Now, he’s accused CNN of inaccurately portraying the tea and crumpet fest in Iraq. Because CNN has the power to bend space, and what they convince the American People of most certainly becomes reality, especially when those most convinced of this dangerous previous unreality currently occupy no positions of power whatsoever. Thus, he’s taken out ‘Baggie, and we have become sad.
I kind of wish Parrotline would take him to the woodshed, but they are efforting even less that we are. At least we have seals.

As with all natural things, nature is but a microcosm of a larger cosm…

and that cosm is the humanitycosm.  Just as Penguins Marching Monogamously communally reflect- an ode as it were- true valular values.  The robust and Manly Men™ Elephant Seals of the world show us how things must rightly be for harmonious existence.

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Testy McTesterson!


Here’s a video song of the day- we’re gonna get SofTD up and running soon, but here’s some My Morning Jacket for you. The song is kind of emotional and soaring, reminds me a little of a maybe “One Tree Hill” by U2, but the shmaltz factor is not so high. I do remember loving that U2 song at one point. I probably still do. Also, people lump My Morning Jacket in with Southern Rock and Jam bands, and maybe that’s how they play live, but they just don’t fit either of those categories. Uncanny will claim that he will have hit his head on the keyboard because the video instantaneously put him to sleep.

Video Pooper in honor of Sadly, No! very original poopers do they be.

Our First Candidate for ‘Baggie awards!

Affectionately known as the ‘Baggies, Three Bulls! is proud to present the Cobag awards.  Our first nomination is this brilliant and insightful discussion of ad hominem from Obsidian Wings.  You of course were right to guess that it was a Charles Bird thread.

I may or may not agree with Alan Dershowitz

….but the man has no credibility. Zero. Zilcho. And I’m not even talking about the Pete Rose mock trial. We could catalog his various histrionics and attention-whoring and we could do it extensively, but we won’t. We’ll just call attention to his appeal to partisanship over Larry Summers resigning as Harvard President. We’re not gonna defend Larry Summers on these pages, that’s for the likes of Andrew Sullivan and other cobags that want to make him a token for their various agendae. We admit that Prof. Summers remarks about women in the sciences were not only ill-advised, but they weren’t scientific either. Let’s go to munchload Dershowitz:

[Now with UPDATE!!!!!!!!! (and backstory)] 

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The Nefarious Canadian Curling Association Strikes Again!!!


Those f*ck*rs at the Canadian Curling Association have struck again. In their obviously evil attempts to get the world to pay more attention to their victorious men’s Olympic curlers (who ruthlessly eviscerated the USA today), the CCA deliberately sabotaged today’s hockey game between Canada and Russia. The chief cobag, thought to be the mole on the men’s hockey team, was identified earlier today as Todd Bertuzzi, as reported by Lawyers, Guns and Money. It was Bertuzzi’s penalty early in the third period that led to the unfortunate loss of the gold-medal-favoured Canadians. The CCA reportedly has seen their profits increase about 2000% with the overall success of curling at the Olympics this year, and especially the excellent performance of the Canadian men’s team. Of course, that translates to an extra Take-5 bar per week per association member, but this is all considered just the beginning. Curling is thought to one day become a multi-thousand-dollar industry with the potential to create a full-on military-industrial-athletic complex in Canada. Mark my words, this is all just the beginning. Today, they take on Olympic hockey. Tomorrow, your children. Two Thursdays from now ….. the world. Beware the Canadian Curling Association!