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The language of humor for this webpage is now exclusively Chevy Tahoe-commercialese

From DA, in the comments:

Americablog has a new item on its wish list.

Also, even if you need to leave a comment stating that the Chevy Tahoe joke is old, you need to do it in the form of a Chevy Tahoe joke, to complete the circle of wank.


Here’s the link, poop disturbers:


It’s in two halves because cobag Chevy doesn’t know how to do anything. For cutting and pasting.

Let’s Play Contrarian For One Sec

UPDATE: Please read comments to see if you agree or disagree, with this oh so important issue. Also, Three B! won’t sh*t on you for telling us to go eat it, because we’re not that kind of cobag.

There is like a category five going off in a teapot over at Americablog, and Atrios (some blog dude) gives it a hell yeah.

Our take is that when you base your argument and self-righteousness on some possibly fringe people sending you some emotional e-mails ripping you a new cobag-hole for hob-nobbing with either 1) some folks that you would turn around and with good reason rip the ever-loving-shit out of them (or should i.e. Katy Harris) or because of the ever-loving fact that you have been ripping the normal press, who you claim to be replacing, non-stop for that last X years about being too close to the people they cover, i.e. hob-nobbing at the exact same functions you get to go to now that you are “big time” seems slightly so ever MFGDAF self-serving.

We don’t even have a horse in this race, we just find the ol’ Hannah Arendt quotationing to be a little oh, just so after school special patronizing.

We don’t have anything against saying whatever you want at your place, but when people decide to ask for some accountability or have some questions about a picture that is like a slap in the face to a lot of them from a site that has- what FOUR FUND DRIVES A YEAR, for a free blogspot host, for four bloggos to link MediaMatters, TPM and some dude named “Open Thread” half the time, what’s wrong with that? Oh, they were rough about it? They felt betrayed? Could there be any reason for that?

We didn’t even care about this whole pile of crap at all when Johnny A. Americablog had his fun night on the town, we just found his response to the heat to be a little out of proportion, especially for a site that wields its readers’ anger like a bludgeon on a tick tock basis against targets of his choice. I think thou protest too much.

And the increasingly desperoni for content A-man gives it the “Tacitus to Ben D. slap on the back” level hell yeah, but with less words. Well, if you really wanted to say something meaningful, say it, even if you have to repeat the exact words because the disingenous concentration in the room is getting too much to take.

That’s our two cents, cobags.


Here is what we told John A. in comments there:

I wouldn;t go that far, but for a lot of people it’s you get a joke or you don’t. Ok, so what to do about it? Go apesh*t like you can’t take a little heat, like you have no idea why people would be mad? Like their concerns just have to be dismissed in the most patronizing and arrogant fashion imaginable?

Let’s be scientific:

There is a vocal minority that has gone way over the top. Is it possible that their concerns might stem from some more reasonable feelings, feelings that perhaps were ill-expressed? How to deal with the situation? Turn it into a black and white, my way or the highway, or work through the bullshit? That seems a little RedState to me.

If one person is offended by something and another isn’t, what to do? Is there some objective offense quotient, and therefore someone’s offense is legit, and someone’s isn’t? That’s bullshit and we all know it. But there has got to be a better way than burning some bridges, not for traffic of course, people love this stuff, it’s fresh drama for the masses that demand content, when another open thread just won’t do.

From a site that constantly calls on people to apologize for plenty of stuff, and for a site that relies on its readers emotional reactions to effect policy, I would say John really jumped the shark here. You can take or leave these words. I am certain they smack of certain truths. And I’m not saying that I even disagree with him, just the way he went about his business, and on a public site with public comments, I’m more than happy to stick my nose into it. That’s just to preempt the usual “you don’t like it here, get lost” brilliance.

Also, I wonder how “The Left” feels about his hatred of money?  GO ask him!

Even the conservatorturebloggers…

…seem to love this new Chevy Tahoe ad-creation site.  The problem is they’re a bit shy about posting the results on their own blogs, so it takes a bit of searching.  But check out the stirring ad I found from Eugene Volokh.  I know there must be others out there — maybe some enterprising readers can find them and leave links in the comments…

Breaking News Alert!!!!

It seems that our archenemies at Sadly, No! have been linkied to by Eschaton, Josh Marshall and others all at the same time. Foreign Fighters of the Atrians, TPMiots, et al. are surging into the territory. S,N! is rapidly catching (and close to surpassing) Eschatboggkos for the Cobb for Worst Community. We must get in there and fight these folks at Sadly, No! so we don’t have to fight them here!


I dare say we may even need to free the trolls from Mexico and send them over as security contractors. It’s a dire situation.


Seriously, the comments of their post of fake Baghdad photos is getting all echo-y and meme-y and talking point-y. It makes me sick.



Don’t Be Hating On Me Because I’m Beautiful

Hate me because I’m going on a three-month Paris vacation beginning in May…for FREE!

Le manger! Cobageaux!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mangete, cobageaux!!211




Can we get a ruling? -ed. 

To Our Dear Readers

It has come to our attention that some of you may be directed here from the delightful online journal While we are of course honored, we also are slightly embarrassed and wish to show a different, more scholarly side of Three B. In doing so we pay tribute to a wonderful colleague.

At first you might be surprised at that word “colleague”, thinking amongst other thoughts, do 3B! and Dr. Berube travel in the same circles, does Three Bulls! lead a secret life of debauched MLA meetings and dangerous, soul-destroying scholarship? Why of course we do. In fact, now that you have a moment to look around yourself now, you’ll notice that http:/ is almost indistinguishable from Continuing in a factual vein, Three Bulls! and Michael Berube are often confused for one another on the literature circuit. Even more factually, to extend an adverb, the little joke amongst the cognoscenti is that 3B! and MB are one another’s evil twins, without of course either of them being a good twin.

I think recent photographs illustrate this point nicely.

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Three Bulls Joins The Ad Game

Handjobs for Norbiz (his effort here, hey nobody ever said we had the power to grant anything exceptional).

Go here before we get busted.


We got more in comments here, and a little bird pooped this in my in box!

Adverbally, Cobag Humpchumped a Cobaggio

Pitchfork Cobaggery Watch: Ryan Dombal edition.

Tellingly, it’s Ghost’s own coke the girls can’t stop sniffing. Such ambiguities eschew didacticism for a lived-in wisdom that’s as wicked as it is worthwhile.

Amen to that, brother, certainly the didacticism has been most thoroughly eschewed. WORD!


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Somehow fulsome deleted the footer file while trying to impress fulsomegirl with his art.

Sigh.  Is everything better?