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Some Maintenance Points

Every now and then I have to write a post like this and I hate to do it because it makes me look like a pompous cobag.

 This is my personal site. I write about things that interest me or issues I find important. I receive about 40 billion emails a day from my adoring fans, and there’s no way I’m going to have time to read through all of them in one day. Now don’t read this as me saying not to send me emails. I just want you to realize that with how popular I am, I might not have a chance to read your stupid little blog. Post about something that I like, and put that in the subject line, and maybe I’ll read it.

 But if you email me simply saying that I should link to your blog, then you can pretty much forget it. Especially if you’re rude about it. I already have a half a million blogs on my blogroll, so nobody would even notice a link to your pathetic blog anyway. Plus, I’m so popular that NBC put me on a TV show and I don’t have time for you little punks anymore. But please keep reading!

Open Thread

Don’t shoot anyone in the cobag.


I think Vandehei dropped the ball on this one. The WaPo needs Ben D!


This is a personal web page and the opinions asserted here by the author of this post are in now way related to those expressed by Media Matters for America.

Drinking Liberally

Tonight, I’ll be hanging out at the bar, hoping to be able to speak with Mayor Pat McCrory. Although he’s a local stooge for the Bush administration, and was a member of the “Truth Squad” during the Dem Convention, and he authorized the building of a new NBA coliseum even though the voters of Charlotte voted against it, he’s the only local politician whose name I can remember right now.

 And he’s not as bad as Charles Taylor (don’t forget to donate to former NFL QB Heath Shuler!) or Sue Myrick. And Nathan Tabor is way too far away – like an hour and a half, and there are no good bars in Kernersville.

 Actually, I doubt there will be any politicians or even anyone talking about politics at the bar, but I will be drinking liberally.

Open Thread

Yeah, yeah. Another stupid don’t shoot anyone in the face open thread.


Joe Lieberman Droolz!!!uno!!!once!!!

Dixie Chicks Rulz!!!one!!eins!!!

They write letters

Give the Editors some love!

Consider them fixed!

Fixing the internets – live action!

Gas ‘Bags

While I normally agree with Matt, I don’t see the problem with a lot of articles and columns in the papers.


I think this is something that needs to be talked about more, but with real solutions. Hydrogen cars, solar and wind energy, ethanol… those are all great ideas for the long term, and we definitely need to find sources of alternative fuel. But right now, I can barely afford to drive to work!

 Bush wants to find some way to help Average Americans (and those way above average, like myself) with the ridiculous gas prices. Here’s the easiest thing he can do to make prices drop quickly: Come out and say for once and for all that we will not take military action against Iran – and don’t even say the nuclear option is on the table.

 Then watch prices drop.

Digby nails it!

You Listen!