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Some Cut and Pasted HTML in “Science Corner” destroyed 3B in other browsers. I had no idea. How are things now?

So, Since When Was Gay Porn A WaPo Dealio?

Less than 50 words changed, some punctuation and names changed. Not family material. Original below. “Doctored” version here at WaPo. I wonder if Atrios gets some kickback from A-Blog for reading the Post. Even better yet, I think I’ll spend three dollars a day to have Atrios read the Post to Aravosis. That will save me negative $2.50 a day reading it myself.
teh l4m3: A Manwich at Heart
By Laura Blumenfeld
Wednesday, May 24, 2006; A21

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Who broke it?!

Who broke 3Bulls!?! Did someone hack and cobagitate on us? Did John A. raise enough money to build a death ray to point here? Did Ann B*rtow get us shut down for indecency? Did the cable companies give 3B!’s info to the NSA? What’s going on?

Three Bulls! Science Corner

Tell me about it.  Inside the nefarious Scrub Jay’s head:

“I’m watching you.  Are you looking at me? I just wrote down your inappropriate attention in my little book. BUH-SQWACK!!!!!!!!!!”

I just can’t abide being surrounded by all these birds.  Except the Blue Heron of Zen.  He is the 547th reincarnation of the original Blue Heron sprung from the navel of Cookie Buddha.

More on him later.  More on nefarious Scrub Jay Winged nut-hiders.


Submitted on February 22, 2006
Accepted on May 5, 2006

Food-Caching Western Scrub-Jays Keep Track of Who was Watching When

Joanna M. Dally 1, Nathan J. Emery 2, Nicola S. Clayton 3* 1 Sub-department of Animal Behavior, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB3 8AA, UK; Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB2 3EB, UK.
2 Sub-department of Animal Behavior, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB3 8AA, UK.
3 Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB2 3EB, UK.
* To whom correspondence should be addressed.
Nicola S. Clayton , E-mail:
Western scrub-jays (Aphelocoma californica) hide food caches for future consumption, steal others’ caches, and engage in tactics to minimize the chance their own caches will be stolen. We show that scrub-jays remember which individual watched them during particular caching events, and alter their re-cachingbehavior accordingly. We find no evidence to suggest that a storer’s use of cache protection tactics is cued by the observer’s behavior.

OK, Chupa Chups, Give Us the Best You Got

We’re not trolling. We’re being activists. Think Ford Motor Co. likes it when they get John A. up in their grill? He doesn’t let up until he gets satisfaction. We’re the same way. We learned it from watching you. When the big boys take a steaming poop-snake on the little guys and gals, and then start acting like you promised crazy a baby, it is gonna start some stuff.

1) Comments by myself were never offensive or insulting (here, here and below). The first one got deleted, when I was on point of course. It is always rude to call someone a supermassive slowly orbiting gas-giant of a hypocrite, and I only implied it. That is just trude (true+rude). Then it becomes a game. You delete stuff and pretend it never happened? That is loco. Then you call everyone freaks. Shakespeare’s Sister, are they freaks? Pam’s House Blend? Republic of Dogs? Hundreds of commenters? Dozen(s) of blogs?
2) If someone can’t laugh at Jamie Bamber withdrawing the support of his awesome guns from Americablog, they got probs. If someone can’t laugh at being calling a hairy emu, they got probs.


When Jamie Bamber holds all the cards, emus get tossed out the airlock- INTO OUTER SPACE!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

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The Rhea: kinder, gentler, and tastier cousin of the emu


Special thanks go out to Plover, who graciously pointed out that the Rhea, unlike its evil and aggressive cousin the Emu, does not require a “Dangerous Wild Animal Licence” in the UK. This information and more is available from the omniscient Rhea & Emu Assocation. It seems imperative here at 3 Bulls that we make new forms of flightless ratites available for metaphor.

Coincidentally, I have been thinking a great deal about The Rhea ever since my recent visit to the Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It turns out that Darwin was not only an avid documenter of different species of animals, but was a giant fan of shooting and eating said animals. Darwin was quite interested in how new species of animals might taste. This culinary curiosity proved quite useful scientifically. While eating some Rhea in the Galapagos, Darwin noted that the available quantities of meat were quite different from the other more common species of Rhea Darwin had consumed elsewhere in the world, despite a remarkably similar outward appearance. Indeed, this new Rhea was a highly related but distinct species named Pterocnemia. Laypeople call it Darwin’s Rhea. Had it not been for Darwin’s insatiable appetite, he might have missed out on the obvious common ancestry of these two geographically distinct Rheas.

Whom should we bestow the honour of being the internet’s first Rhea?

Whatever that Thing is That Happens When New Dimensions Are Breached

Just happened.  I can’t even handle this.  We can’t even go back to Patriarchy Blaming 101.  We need to go to pre-Patriarchy Blaming.  I give you Captain Insanity:

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I’d put my serious pants on…

but they don’t seem to quite fit any more! Damn Nutella crepes and pastries!

I worry about the seemingly impossible standard set for political humor on the web.

Chimpy looks like a chimp. Ann Coulter is mannish. Michael Moore is fat. Doughy Pantload looks like he’s got a doughy pantload. John Kerry/Al Gore look like wimpy patricians. Dennis K looks like a nerdy geek. Bush looks oh so manly in his package enhancing flight garb. Condi always looks mad. Hillary looks like a bit*h. Marie Jon’ is hot. Kaye G looks like a weirdo with a tiger print fetish. Ha ha John Kerry is windsufing or riding his $5000 ten speed in the latest euro-cycling garb. Blah, blah, blah ad naseum. These are all things that we’ve laughed at on the web or been slightly outraged by.

Would Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor or Rude Pundit or Arrested Development or Fafblog or Sadly, No! or TBogg or any number of lesser or greater others shy away from these themes? Probably not. Humor is based on perceptions. It wasn’t until I saw the Bush/Chimp website that I realized yes, by jove, he is rather simian. My perception was changed and it was hee-bloody-larious not because he looks like an ape but rather because he looks and acts like an ape! Jonah Goldberg photoshopped in a diaper on the title block of this very website is funny! Yes it’s the perfect image for a plump privileged man-child that’s never quite grown up but still feels compelled to moralize and pontificate and warmonger and throw inane tantrums and hate.

Lines can and should be drawn. Where? Only you can decide. If you don’t like me or him or her I expect the lines will be drawn more concisely and carefully. If you do like someone I expect the lines will be less decisively drawn with slack and understanding. That’s human nature. This really isn’t an anti-PC rant and certainly not a pro-John A rant. It’s a rant for understanding and appreciation of what others have done: a rant for contextualizing words and actions and humor. Pablo Picasso was an asshole but also a genius. You can pick and choose, as flaws are human and humans are flawed.

We Looked at Ourselves in the Mirror

and asked “have we gone too far?”  We responded to ourself: “EAT IT COBAG!1”

Picture 11.png

Serious Pants

Every now and then I climb into my serious pants, as our dear readers may know. Now, there is no credit for such a thing because some people will never take your words at face value especially if you do your writing at a deeply unserious site such as this one. We have had situations with Ann B*rtow, where we have essentially agreed with her, or tried to frame debate or further dialog. To no avail, generally. This is the cross we must bear. One interesting point however is the fact that words appear to have different meanings based on who is using them. A thread that runs through many of the skirmishes with Prof. Bartow and now the Aravosis situation, is the nature of offensiveness and insult. We have been on both sides of the issue. We have argued for the allowable use fo the term “cobag” while agreeing with the sexist nature of douchebag. We have found the term “Heathers” (after the movie) to be annoying, as the defining characteristic is most likely female in most people’s eyes.

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