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Happy Canada Day!

Question – What is the history behind Canada Day?

Answer – Historians and archaeologists still puzzle over this matter. The majority theorize that it may be one of the following: a celebration of a peaceful non-controversial and relatively minor change in the style of government; the union of territories; or perhaps even an obscure solstice celebration. But nobody really knows for sure.

Your challenge for the day is to think about the ways that Canadians or Canada have had an impact on your life!

Also consider this an open thread because those earlier posts sure are getting full.

Update:  Beer and contributing to the deliquency of a minor – two reasons to love Canada.  Plus Adorable Girlfriend loves her some Canadians for reals and forever.

Scenes from the Boulangerie

Customer 1: Bonjur, Ahn Bagette, See Vu Play
Cashier: Way, Monsewer! Mercee Baicoo

Customer 2: Bonjour, Ahn Bagette Tradishun
Cashier: Way, Mahdam! Mercee! Ah Revwahr! Bon Journee!

Customer 3: Bonjur!!! Der Baguette, See Vu Play
Cashier: Way, Mahdam! Mercee! Bon Journee!!

Gregor Samsa: Bonjur Ahn Bagette See Vu Play!!!
Cashier: *look of pained confusion and contempt*
Gregor Samsa: *gesticulates wildly at the baguettes*
Cashier: Ah, Ahhhhhn Baxxqgqkurewqrrrueeeterrrssf!!!!
Gregor Samsa: Way!
Cashier: *silence*
Gregor Samsa: Eat it?!
Cashier: ????? Way….Eeet et!
Gregor Samsa: Merciful Buttercups, Adios!

Whoa, check out the baguette on this guy! (Image hosted by Flickr)Giant Baguette!

Is it Green Eggs and Ham Cake?

How am I supposed to eat it when it is as pretty as a picture? Cake and falafel for everyone! I hope that is lime frosting.

Safe weekend everyone! Clif rules, Pinko P. Punko drools. Gregor is all set to time the horns/rioting after the Francey pants/Brazilio result. Perhaps he should take some pictures of the revelers/burning cars.

UPDATE: Smoke Dog was trying to eat Chuckle’s package

Looks like it will have to go out next week. Pork rinds are intact, though.


A week old message on my celly-o (ask fulsome how well that works) announces “Take 5 Marshmallow.”

Investigations proceed apace.

Off To the Home World

Thanks to everyone for birfday wishes. Back on Tuesday, possibly will have internment I mean internet access. Bad Behavior is plugging spam, hope it doesn’t plug you. Hopefull things won’t get balled up at the head office.

If you get chumped by spamulator, or have a requesto: 3bulls at gmail.
SK2, Akismet and Bad Behavior are all gunning for the emus.


Lee Siegel Just Called!

He said we should try to eschew sordid juvenalia in our celebrations, gustatory and otherwise. I told him to eat it.

Carry on!

Three B! is One! Our Birfday Thoughts

We certainly shy away from the profound here at Three B. Sometimes we have our serious pants on, most times we usually just have our sexy red warm ups (click posts for teh sexxxy) on. Sometimes our Golden Onion Wiener hangs out. This post could go for 76 more categories, but it won’t. What we really want to do to celebrate is for people to just say hi. We know that commenting on bloggos takes time and sometimes people just don’t have a dingle-dong-donut to say. We have noticed some internet fatigue going around, we ourselves have felt it a little but for this one day we’d like lurkers and regulars and lapsed-ers and Google-booglers to say howdy ho. Continue reading ‘Three B! is One! Our Birfday Thoughts’

Three B! is One! PORK SNORKEL

For our birthday we arranged a pork snorkel. We are this close to swearing off meat, as advertising equating manliness with meat is getting quite annoying. Note the from scratch™ cornbread and the inclusive watermelon for Gregor Samsa.


We love our BBQ platter. Also this is as close as we’ll get to Twisty-level food photography (just click any of those posts for yummy food on delightful plates).


Three B! is One! CRAZY HNT!!! With Doggies!

Who is the mystery silhouette??? And why do the boys look like supastars? MAGIC DONUT.