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I just put the kabosh on Capt. Trollypants writing a mash note to an unidentified blogger personality.

It involved this video below, as well as several scandalous IM transcripts. Are we ever lucky. Back to your regularly scheduled stuff in this internet time slot. Try not to get the song stuck in your head like Blue Girl will.

We Said

We would enter the contest. And so we have.


Loseringest entry here. Loserer entries here.

Plover adds: Though no doubt my Photoshop technique has it’s own unique flavor of suck that will probably soon be marketed as a condiment by Mr. Roarke, I’m surprised no one else thought of this:



Well, FDL are a bunch of chumps. Nobody sicks sics the attack dogs better. You don’t get to self-define language. If you basically use a Rude Pundit-style metaphors to describe women, or the C-word to describe who YOU want to describe, claiming that you are a feminist gay male who has reclaimed the word doesn’t really cut it. Hey, I just pooped some ice cream, wanna cone? I can’t even begin to explain, but why not head over to Tom Watson’s and read for yourself. We’ve been on the other end of these fights and we know very well about language and offensiveness, and we’ve defended ourselves using our words, not by flinging crap around. If your response to criticism is to invoke the term “mau mau” and claiming to fly in the face of “political correctness” doesn’t really pass the smell test. And for the record, somehow the Rude Pundit is OK. He’s working in an oeuvre. Slipping in and out of a Rude Pundit style does not seem to be OK because it appears to legitimize the style as a regular part of your discourse. And if you don’t agree with me, you can tell me so, and it will be OK, cuz I can handle it like that! Give it to me baby!

ALERT: This is not a post.

Gregor continues to defy the will of the people. Also, I was going to put him on the clock of Utz Pub Mix Tower™, and when the pub mix had become extinct, the blog would blow up, unless Gregor saved it like a ticking time bomb. I realize that means waterboarding hobbits. However, it has come to my attention that GC has removed the “STANKY” and “CORNY” delicious pub mix from our household. I picture it being carried off in this skeevy molesto-van, and I am sad.


Lunchtime poll: should this blog make more, less or the same amount of sense? And would you kick this blog out of bed for eating pub mix?

I refuse to post on this blog

Until Gregor Samsa posts about hobbits in New Zealand.

Also, the imposing tower of snack is almost empty and I have been laid low.

To me, Three Bulls! to me! Thine enemies are upon us!

May the muffins which rain upon ye be free of chunder

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Some Thanksgiving reading.

If a shoe lands in your dinner, don’t worry – it’s just Res.

Something Sickening

So Auguste at LA just pointed me to this. They hat-tipped Pandago who hat-tipped Roxanne, so it is going around. Auguste was just saying to me:

“Somehow the water thing is as bad as anything else, maybe because it’s live and it’s kids
I mean it’s not, but it is.”

And I responded:

“Yeah, there are a million worse things, but the line isn’t between those things and this, this is on the other side of that line.”

What were we talking about that I don’t want to talk about? A YouTube vid of US GIs taunting Iraqi kids into running behind their vehicle for mile(s) for a bottle of clean drinking water. I’ll go ahead and say alleged because it’s just “so” “unbelievable” “.”

Then we have this in comments at LA:

# Prometheus Says:
November 22nd, 2006 at 2:24 am

“Mista, mista give me money, mista mista mi mi”
Has one of you stopped to consider that the children were following the troops because most do have some sort of hand out. When I was gunner we hander out candy, water and even dolls for the children. They constantly beg. We even had muslim meals for them.
I think it is bad for this soldier, who would be in the minority, to do what he did. Also I can understand it. With constant begging one gets tired of it.

Well, it looks like this total ****ing cobag might as well go out and murder whoever he wishes, because he’s certifiable, because right and wrong have been wiped off the map. Of course, Promo is saying the begging kids would be following the vehicle no matter what, and that this situation is less than it appears to be. Guess what, unfortunately, we’ve been told for the last X years that appearances matter.

Perhaps not obviously comparable to Jesus

A short initiation into the mystery cult of The CSS Code for TC.


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The Random Randroid Remains Cloistered in Seclusion

Milton Friedman has died. Upon his death, the cold, calculating nature of his economics have been expressed with this:

I guess the costs of keeping Milton Friedman alive just exceeded his market value.

HARSH! I will note that Milty lovers claim they can only achieve his idyllic utopia upon total adoption of his ideas and of course this can never happen and the market of reality is a built-in excuse for this lack of realization. Nice. Sounds incredibly hard to kill for an idea. Sounds like Vietnam and Iraq and every other harebrained scheme doomed to failure over “improper implementation and or infirmity of will.”

Would it be possible

to construct a nano-violin to simulate the plaintive cries of the mecha-emus in response to this? Offered without additional comment.

Additionally, football is chunderloafy, but rest in peace, Bo S. You were a good guy.