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Compare and Contrast

Left Coast Well-Rounded Response.

LGF Response.

Since when did a neon-looking glowing cartoon look like a “device”? I don’t feel bad for Turner, but you know they are all “WTF????” Just don’t put your sh*t on bridges, and don’t put them up when they are not lit up, and don’t have your cartoon guy flippin the bird, cuz you are never gonna get out of putting that in a position where 1000s will see it. Also, LGF comments great because it is like they really wanted it to happen so bad. They cannot wait for the rhetorical bullsh** that will unceasingly flow from their sad mouths with American deaths from some sort of terror attack. They’re lovin it™!

My current fave:

“#22 IrishEi 1/31/2007 12:13PM PST

The first device found was detonated and contained “electronic circuit board and other components consistent with an IED” (via FOX). Second device is similar to the first. Apparently though, neither of these would have exploded. (? huh?)

Gas leak in NYC…IED-like devices in Boston…Lots of dry runs lately. Too many.”

The Citrulline Victimization Continues

Lalalala. I was having my yoozhe evening. I allowed my Grapefruit to rest on the counter, just hanging out like G-fruits like to do. This was the last sign my Texas homey that I remember.


Hey little guy! Anyway, I turned my back for maybe a smidgeon of one nanosecond. And then maybe watched my show for the tiniest of hours, or what not. Then when I wanted to check on Fruity G, I discovered- TOTALLY UNSAFE FOR HUMAN EYES TO VIEW, GRAPHIC CSI-LIKE SNUFF DEPICTION-BETTER PEEK THROUGH YOUR HAND COVERING YOUR FACE-PREPARE TO CLICK AWAY QUICKLY
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First off, they steal a song we are on the record as loving. AND the very mix of the song we claim to love extra much. AND, they steal our look (and here, here, here, here). WOW! I can’t believe they are all HNT!!!! Arrest these French Fries!

“Vous etes ici” my ass, unless ici= aytch tee tee pee colon slash slash buh law guh uh DOT 3 bulls DOT net, MUNCHWAGONS!

I Used to Dance with My Daddy-Datarock

Various and sundry

Things on the list.

1) Go Smokey Dog, it was your birfday!

2) CSI:The Dentist- no seriously, will report after pain/gain tomorrow a.m. Possibly Serious Pants RE: lack of universal dental care, possibly just CSI:The Dentist.

3) Grapefruit chupacabra.

4) MGT. Ha, just kidding. I can’t even think about pantload jokes when there is a grapefruit chupacabra running loose.

Yes, we still do Friday poop shoots

It’s kind of sad when Brando poops longer and better than we do. Well, I guess it’s not sad for Brando, evil comic genius that he is, but more specifically, it’s sad for me. I attempt to regain my foothold in both shooting and pooping…

1) Des Etoiles Electroniques – Stereolab
From Mars Audiac Quartet, this is pretty slow and French. It is a little loungy for my liking and probably not quite hypnotic enough for Pinko Punko’s liking. If we did the long-promised all-Stereolab poop shooting and this track came up, I would probably have less to say about this than almost any other track. 6.5/10

2) The Gash – The Flaming Lips
Could they be any more dramatic? I know that by all accounts, I’m supposed to love The Soft Bulletin so much that I sleep with it under my pillow and have it piped into my shower, but I just don’t buy into all the melodrama. Like that lame spider bite song. Oh, poor baby has a spider bite. Is he going to die? Do I care? Maybe if they described the extent of the gash more immunologically I would care more. Is it a puss-y gash? Is it infected? Why is this a fight for our sanity? Full of sound and fury and signifying 7/10

3) Buffalo & Deer – Fruit Bats

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“It is God who gives power” – Demonstrators killed in Guinea

Also posted to dKos and MyLeftWing.

[Updated with my friend’s report.]

For the past two weeks, there has been a general strike in Guinea (West Africa). Thousands of union and grassroots marchers have been protesting throughout the country. Government forces have killed at least 59 people and injured over 250.

This is the third strike in a year marked by rapid inflation and rampant corruption in the country. While most of the country is shut down, those merchants still doing business have doubled the price of staple foods.

President Lansana Conte has been in office since 1984. There have been elections but their validity has been contested.

On Saturday, in a speech calling for calm Conte said:

Those who want power must wait their turn. It is God who gives power and when he gives it to someone, everyone must stand behind him.

On Wednesday, Conte agreed to appoint a new prime minister. However, according to Reuters:

Union leaders have said they will not call an end to their action until … President Conte [agrees to] hand over all his powers to a prime minister acceptable to the unions.

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Just please don’t click this link…

But if you decide you need to click here, you will understand why I can emphatically state:

Hey you Fucks, stop messing up my bitch!!11!!1

Forever, Because They Define Us

Bushwad just appointed Orangesama bin Laden Secretary of State.

“President Bush tonight said government’s top priority is protecting the American people and laid out some successes in the war on terror. He added: “The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that is the case, America is still a nation at war.””


Not only do I feel my soul sapped, I feel I am forced to denounce Chuckles, most of our readers, and possibly myself. I am feeling low, and not wanting to lift a finger to post anything at all, I find we have left a joke on the table. This is unacceptable.

And I quote myself from the present:

We have exposed ourselves to vulnerability. We have described Tuckbag and his hangers-on as “WASP” and “WASP-ish,” this is inaccurate and possibly defamatory. We should be using the term OASP. And OASP-ish. I hate us. I hope they don’t sue.