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Like serious pants made of magic donuts

Go read Hilzoy.

I mean it.

The winter of our disco tent

Charles W. Freeman Jr., a former US diplomat under Nixon, BushDaddy, and Clinton, recently gave a speech on Diplomacy and Empire (via) to a meeting of retired foreign service personnel. It’s a fairly stark indictment of BushBaby/neocon “diplomacy is for girly-men” tantrum-based foreign policyOh alright, I’ll say it (but I’ll put it in this footnote and I don’t have to like it): read the whole thing.:

Our humbling on the battlegrounds of the Middle East does not reflect military inadequacy; it is rather the result of the absence of strategy and its political handmaiden – diplomacy. We are learning the hard way that old allies will not aid us and new allies will not stick with us if we ignore their interests, deride their advice, impugn their motives, and denigrate their capabilities. Friends will not walk with us into either danger or opportunity if we injure their interests and brush aside their objections to our doing so. Those with whom we have professed friendship in the past cannot sustain their receptivity to our counsel if we demand that they adopt secular norms of the European Enlightenment that we no longer exemplify, while loudly disparaging their religious beliefs and traditions. Diplomacy-free foreign policy does not work any better than strategy-free warfare.

When war is not the extension of policy but the entrenchment of policy failure by other means, it easily degenerates into mindless belligerence and death without meaning. Appealing as explosions and the havoc of war may be to those who have experienced them only vicariously rather than in person, military success is not measured in battle damage but in political results. These must be secured by diplomacy.

The common view in our country that diplomacy halts when war begins is thus worse than wrong; it is catastrophically misguided. Diplomacy and war are not alternatives; they are essential partners. Diplomacy unbacked by force can be ineffectual, but force unassisted by diplomacy is almost invariably unproductive.

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An Old Friend

Way back in our unformed infancy, some Freepers were talking some back-sass to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. One, Boudiccia, in particular seemed especially cerebrally spongiformed.

What is massively hilarious is that we randomly clicked on somebody complaining about Black Snake Moan, a new film that Three Bulls is suing for soon to be disclosed reasons, only to find this:

Re: “Black Snake Moan” Good grief more skankiness from Christina Ricci…
Some movie posters:

Lady alone with chain:…hoto/970421843

Lady chained by Black man:…hoto/970422001


From our ol’ pally Boudiccia! Where was he [update! she] posting from, you ask? Why from here:

Location: SC, Occupied CSA.

There’s not really anything one can say to that, except that the insurgency must be crushed, starting with the King of All Chundernozzles, Commander Munchloaf Boudiccia.


How did I miss this:

The message of this movie: the black man is the white woman’s salvation. More racemixing indoctrination. Disgusting.

The only race-mixing going on here is the irresistible force of civilization and intelligence smacking up against an emuvable object.

Somehow I am really quite sad to have run across this person. How do you rejoin/join a community of rational humans from a place like that?

Helping the Terrorists

During the same conversation with the Nutter Butter wherein he referred to Mark Steyn as “totally awesome,” NB made a joke from the dark corners of his mind. His anxiety relating to the continued existence of Western Society forced him to observe that Smokey Dog and Pugsley, being surrogates for actual human children, give the terrorists two free spots in the population race.


I mean look at that. How can you argue with such total nefariousness? Where is Bill Donohue now? When will he become a real hard ass about birth control of the puppy variety?


Porthole [sic[ to another reality which you may have seen being ubiquitous of late.

One can learn many unusual things there about the physical world. Like:

Quantum mechanics consists of the revolutionary breakthrough in physics in the 1920s in understanding how participles behave inside atoms. […] Quantum mechanics discovered that an electronic behaves in many ways like a wave rather than as a particle, and the position of that wave is never precisely known until it is observed. Even when it is observed, there is an inherent uncertainty that prevents measuring both the position and the momentum simultaneously. This is known as the Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

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Totally Speechless

Clif has it.

Some mistakes, anyone can make. Like accidentally torturing an animal. WTF, Chris Buttars????


You want the pimped out Take 5, doncha.

Come on. The half-ass way is to buy all the stuff and then shove it in the pantry.

I can never make you happy.

Note that Republic of Dogs has 5 million posts the last two days. They are on an “up.” Sushi and donuts will do that to you.

Oh wait, that was us. Frack.

I Have Never

Demanded anything of Cookie Jesus, besides a simple cookie, or Atrios, or anyone else. The time has now come.

Behold your Generalissimo. Behold him now, buy t-shirts here within the week. A new day of Total Snacktator control is dawning. If Ding Jong Il only had such a creamy filling. Oh wait!

Year of the delicious succulent pig

A tad late, but we at Three Bulls! want to wish a most happy, tasty, and crispy Chinese New Year to our dear readers. This looks to be a most delicious year for all of us.

Lisa: No, I can’t! I can’t eat any of them!
Homer: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Lisa, honey, are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad! Those all come from the same animal!
Homer: [chuckles] Yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

Indeed, Homer, indeed. Happy 4705!

Three Bulls Declares Fatwa Agains Alexander Dumas, pere

We did NOT, we repeat, NOT read 2800 pages plus of Romantic historical adventure novels, forsake our bloggo, forsake all functioning besides Cheez It eating, to be forced to read a Romantic historical novel ending featuring the death of BELOVED and heroic characters. Damn you!

This being said, the end of a particularly strong Herculean character was as good as anything in Homer. You may disagree and be wrong in simultaneously if you so wish. I’m trying to freeze frame it in my mind.