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Associated Press Macaroons

The photoshops on the monster pig photos were so bad (like I kinda said)- no monster pig. Total choads sell t-shirts to chumps. Dealio here. Thanks, Gregor for making us look good (relative to our usual badness) but really bad (relative to some hypothetical goodness). I heard Hillary Clinton was behind the pig hoax. Maybe the WaPo can get John Solomon on it, or maybe Jeff Gerth. Or even The Editors.

Cobags of the Week

Tuberculosis dude. This has been beaten to death elsewhere, and not that we would encourage Mr. Speaker to be beaten, btu he certainly needs to be spanked.

I note two ridiculous facts: the father in law works at the CDC on TUBERCULOSIS. And the cobag-in-question IS A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER. I cannot think of a combination of two professions that would normally most likely prohibit extensive travel with a communicable disease, from a health/liability standpoint. What the EFF is wrong with people?

Let’s try this: father-in-law manufactures auto-crash dummies, son-in-law trauma surgeon for car crash victims:encouraging people that seat belts are overrated.

father-in-law works at a blood bank, son-in-law has hepatitis C:giving blood

I know there are more idiotic ones out there, but I am pressed for effort.

Dad had to have told him that he could travel. There is just no way that a CDC scientist WHO IS THE FATHER OF THE FRICKIN BRIDE would not say anything about his FUTURE SON-IN-LAW SQUIRTING TUBERCULOSIS ALL OVER GOD’S GREEN EARTH unless he thought it was no big woop. A-hole. Hey maybe junior can sue 3B bulls for libeling his daddio, maybe we can get a front row seat of idiocy, or more likely condescending honesty/arrogance of people that know better trying to break rules because of their own selfishness.


Regarding yesterday’s descent into the under-appreciated genre of Meet the Donner Party films, I was struck by a memorable memory of driving near the Donner Pass, mentioning the Donner Party, and having Geenie Cola go “who?” Until yesterday’s thread I actually entertained the possibility that somehow the Donner Party was only mentioned in particular parts of the country, and not the universal namecheck for cannibalistic disaster known to all children. At the time of Geenie Cola’a comment, though, I actually had to ask myself if somehow this memory and its associated childhood industry were all figments of my fertile imagination. But you proved me wrong and for that you win gold stars. Also GET YOUR HEADERS IN! Contest deadline Monday or Tuesday. Right now it looks like Blue Girl will lose the overall, but she’ll probably beat Res, which is all I assume she cares about. It is not clear to me whether expected entries from plover, tigrismus and our three awesome photoshop lurkers have been received yet.

Priestess of Beelzebub

[W]henever we establish our own pretensions upon the sacrificed rights of others, we do in fact impeach our own liberties, and lower ourselves in the scale of being.
— Frances Wright, Course of Popular Lectures, 1829Subsequent italicised quotes are from the same source. I’m reproducing them from Women Without Superstition, Annie Laurie Gaylor ed., pp 33-45. More quotes can be found here.

I am not going to question your opinions. I am not going to meddle with your belief. I am not going to dictate to you mine. All that I say is, examine, inquire. Look into the nature of things. Search out the grounds of your opinions, the for and against. Know why you believe, understand what you believe, and possess a reason for the faith that is in you.

On 4 July 1828 at Robert Owen’s New Harmony community in Indiana, Frances “Fanny” Wright (1795-1852) became the first woman in America to address a mixed audience at a public eventI’ve seen in a few places the claim that Wright was the first female public speaker in America. However, I’ve also seen a reference to a female itinerant Baptist preacher, Nancy Towle, who started out around 1810 and who soon had several female protégés. Perhaps religious speakers are not part of the calculation according Wright primacy? I don’t think Towle only addressed women’s groups as it says that she preached before the US Congress. My information on Towle comes from Awash in a Sea of Faith by Jon Butler, a study of the development of Christianity in America..

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Overheard on The Internets IX

SMACK! From here.

#19 ::: Howard Peirce ::: ::: May 30, 2007, 12:10 PM:

Amber (#9), thanks for that link. I’d wager it is the same guy, as he makes it clear that Embryoyo is a Utah-based page. I retract comment 10.

Mark Mitchell is clearly a pioneer mapping out new topologies in Malice-Incompetence space.


hee hee!

#50 ::: Greg London ::: (view all by) ::: May 30, 2007, 01:13 PM:

im in ur blogz, citin ur plagerizmz.

UHF Memories

This post will make me seem older than I am but it is more a function of how old I am plus we never had the cable tv. There are random old movies that would show on the channel that was accessed by the lowed dial, and the stations were always double digit numbers between 15 and 50. Channel 20 was ours before it turned in VHF 13. I suspect a large number of you are now completely lost. It is the reverse of you tell your grandparents about MySpace. Oh well!

Anyhow, these movies might show once, or once a year or maybe more than that, but they certainly weren’t on the cable TV constant repeat where you could really get to know them. Sometimes they were broadcast under a different title from the theatrical release so you’d be hard pressed to figure out what the movie was really called. On top of that there are some really hazy memories from maybe catching one of these old movies as a kid. Some movies were cult classics, so it was something that would come along againt later in life. I always thought it was hilarious that I caught The Warriors before anyone I knew had ever heard about it, and before Wu Tang even existed. Most of the films I am talking about are old westerns or old black and white movies (maybe they were in color, but the TV wasn’t, at least not until later).

Last night I caught an old John Wayne/Kirk Douglas western The War Wagon. Kind of a western/heist mash-up, but all of a sudden I realized that I had seen the movie before when I was a wee little Pinko. I remember my dad explaining to me what a Gatling gun was, and what nitroglycerin was (two main plot points), and in my hazy memories, that those two things might relate to the same movie. It was kind of trippy in that as a kid I had no knowledge of Kirk Douglas or John Wayne, nor had I remembered retroactively that they were even in this movie. Fun fact for super nerds, the guy that played Charlie X in the Star Trek “I didn’t like them so I made them go away” episode was in this movie too.

I know there are random bits of movies in my head that I will never know unless I happen to see them again randomly. Can anyone help me out with a western of a mountain man getting hunted by bad guys, and the big scene at the end of the movie involves the good guy starting an avalanche to get away from the bad guys? That movie is stuck in my head for some reason.

Three Bulls! Like I Like Carrot Like Pugsley Like Carrot


Send us some love from Hollyweird, little guy! You are an internet supastar now! Do not forget your roots, Pugwagon. We love you. I always thought P-man would make Cute Overload or Awesome Little Doggies, but we’ll take this. Better than Snag Snack of the week. Don’t even think about it, chunderhØsen.

Possibly scarier than lutefisk

GhooOOoost møøØØøøse!!!!


ghost moose

Ralph the Wonder Llama’s Xtreme Møøse Codex Vol. XI — Genetic anomalies, ectoplasm, and gang warfare tells us:

Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES feed ghost melon to a ghost møøse!!!1!!1! YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!1!! Even I, Ralph the Wonder Llama, fearless xtreme chronicler of all conceivable møøse related data, don’t want to know what will happen!!!!!! Those who recall the result when ghost melon is consumed by even ordinary non-ectoplasmic beings will understand the foundation of my horror!!!!one!! Am I going to have to start using words like “eldritch”?!?!

(This møøse encounter was unearthed by GrrlScientist.)

Those who want to learn some willow-fu to protect themselves from deadly moose revenants might want to look here.


Pinko Updated Image for BP


Above: What Innocent III Never Smelled Like

The 1630s and 1640s in England, the years leading up to the Civil War and the eventual divestment from King Charles I of his head, were marked by anti-Catholic panics of a furor that likely make the paranoias of early 21st century America seem fairly tame.

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blood and fire \

Really the romance of alcoholism is underrated, I understand that nobody wants to hear my drug addled ramblings about bonsai manta rays but really what could be more interesting or entertaining than the ramblings of your neighborhood drunk especially if s/he has an interesting tale a tale of intrigue and perhaps woe, a tail of the dog or a tale of happiness but never a tale of shame because the universal implication is that alcohol is what unites sober with the drunk, this is why I’ve managed to fall off my bicycle twice this weekend and my hand is skinned to shreds and my elbows are not much better and as age increases so does the pain the pain of skinning and lack of skin, is it the realization that living for the moment is the most liberating concept ever the future be damned, except in the most collective of senses, that’s what it has come to, looking over the sea and seeing the sea and seizing the sea of apologies to Patti Smith who rocks eternally and why is there lavender in my pocket picked from plants along the way home sweet sweet lavender sweet sweet home, where the heart is, looking over the sea and the boats and the ferries, smelling the smoke of premature fires (yet too warm), fires of comfort, fires of hypnosis, fires of nostalgia, fires of blood and fire, and reggae, blood from my hand, and I can’t explain the hominess of it all from the terraces, the moon slung low and life going on and the pups and cats curled up zzzzing away and their consorts curled or up resting and enjoying, music dominates, art overwhelms, and the scene is seen, what does it all mean(?) incidental capital A bottle of cheap red wine has begat all of this and it is time to get you into my life I want to stay there ooooh and I suddenly see you, really what more is there but the stories that define and perhaps defame, the poetry of which leads to destinations unknown, Bennie with the quarter behind his ear and the Kennedy conspiracies, RIP, and stars which I have seen which I thought were concepts of injury and cartoons floating circular like about my head but there they were in glory.