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Why does this remind me of Yosef?

UPDATE I – And Pinko Punko too.

Mega UPDATE II – And UC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

UPDATE I x X ^MCMLXII – How could I forget PupH?

Update B – And of course GFoH


at least
there are no

fUZZy⋅ dOTs



I caNNot be
responsible for what hAPPEn


to YoU
oR Menulis Or Miestas

(blame — not Blame™)

Cobags of the Week

Some meaningless stupid stuff I saw on You Tube made me mad. Kind of gets filed in the bad pet owner category. Somehow this raises peoples’ hackles more than the bad parent dealio, probably because you can just take away someone’s dog and basically fix the situation, whereas in the deep dark reality of actual problems, nobody wants to talk about it because there is no way to fix it.

I just was mad so I don’t want the stupidity of my anger to bee out in the open.
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Above: RECALLED!!!!!!

Oh lord this is so horribly right and wrong.

PS: Insanely inbred purebreeds are kind of sad. Also dog breeders can be so dog racist it is unbelievable. They would have you believe that black colored pugs and fawn colored pugs have different personalities and temperaments even though coat color is controlled by a single gene in pure-bred pugs. I guess it is always possible that COAT COLOR GENE 1 is right next door to PERSONALITY MODIFIER GENE 1, but as a sane person, I doubt it. It is fun listening to all the bullsh*t about why this dog or that dog’s ears or tail “needs” to be chopped off for “health” reasons. HELLO! Obviously, we are guilty as the next chunderwaffle for buying Smokeywagon, but he really is so goshdarned cute! Case closed!

I Wonder

if dudes in trucks with plastic nads feel the same way? It could explain a lot.

To pique your desire to click:

“Threatening a rubber hand that you feel is yours elicits a cortical anxiety response”

An asymptote that will live in infamy

For aif, as the sea of chunder leaves its wrack of muffins ‘pon his threshhold.

Simply stated, the libertarian denies the existence of “society” and “the public.” If this sounds outlandish, consider the following observations by three prominent libertarians. First, Margaret Thatcher: “There is no such thing as society – there are individuals and there are families.” Next Ayn Rand: “There is no such entity as ‘the public,’ since the public is merely a number of individuals.” Finally, Frank Chodorov: “Society is a collective concept and nothing else; it is a convenience for designating a number of people.”

The implications of these pronouncements are radical in the extreme, for if there is no such thing as “a public,” it follows that there are no “public goods” or “public interest,” apart from summation of private goods and interests. Moreover, if there is no society, it follows that there are no “social problems,” there is no “social injustice,” and there are no “victims of society.” The poor presumably choose their condition; poverty is the result of “laziness” or, as the religious right would put it, a “sin.” There are further implications. Since there is no such thing as a “public,” taxation for the support of such “so-called” public institutions as education, libraries, the arts, parks and recreation, is coercive seizure of private property, or “theft.”


Refutation of this keystone of libertarianism is simple and straightforward. If we can cite cases in which advantages to each individual harms the interest of all individuals, and conversely that harm to each individual benefits all individuals, then, by distinguishing “each” and “all” we have demonstrated the existence of an “all-entity,” “society,” that is distinct from a summation of “each” individual.


Cover songs I’d like to hear:

Britney Spears-Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop”
Amy Winehouse-Rufus Wainwright’s “April Fools”
Paris Hilton-Gary Numan’s “Down in the Park”
Justin Timberlake-ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down”
R. Kelly-Unknown’s “I’m a frackin pervo molesternozzle and I should be in jail”

OK, I don’t know where this is going. I still think I am somewhat serious.

Help a Pinko out in comments?

Overheard On The Internets VIII

In response to this, we get this:

Wow. Are we talking about government intervening with something as trivial as this. It’s not as if it’s some horrible addictive drug. It’s not really the role of the government to be preventing these things. The people should be the ones asking the companies to stop it. It’s almost as ridiculous as the no trans-fat law in some cities. I mean, eventually, major fast food corps are begginning to cut trans fats out, it all happens without govt. We don’t need some ridiculous bill.

So people are totally yanking my chain. I didn’t think you could top the last crapwaffle, but oh man, somebody cannot be serious.

Jennifer, Blue Girl, AG

Super pretty please cherry on top PRONTO! FULL FRITO MUST REPRESENT!

Plush condiments!1!!

Because without fuzzy mustard and fuzzy BBQ sauce, chicken nuggets that have kitty heads sticking out of them just aren’t the same.


(At least) one kiosk (now out of stock) in internetopiastan offers a plush chicken-kitty nugget box with similar flavoring to the totally unrelated plush squeaky carrot. This flavor tasted like what you would expect plush cat fur to taste like, minus the cat taste.