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The Spirit of Bipartisanship

Recently, we reached out to blogs4brownback to decry the treatment of Sam B. by the munchwads at RedState. Now, we reach out to noted wingnut scumloaf Jon Swift to help him communicate Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism in the kids LOLCAT lingo. Please, help in comments there. Ourselves, we’ve seen the galleys and here’s a sneakie peekie:

The dust jacket:


More at Jon Swift’s-please be nice, we are guests!

We’re Three Bulls

and not Sam Brownback, and we don’t approve of this message:


I wonder how Blogs4Brownback feel about misrepresenting this chunderloaf’s message?

When 3Bulls! Imitates Life

It’s been grand reliving all of my childhood injuries as an adult. Skinned knees and hands, fat lips, bloody noses…..but this time with alcohol!! I’m not looking forward to the severed finger, broken bones and head trauma though.


When Life Imitates 3Bulls!

lifeor 3bulls!?

An officer called the police agency that made the computer entry, talked with the Columbia Police Department in Wisconsin and learned the entry should have read that the license plate had been stolen if it was on any vehicle that isn’t a giant hot dog.

The Wienermobile — with a Wisconsin license plate reading “YUMMY” — was allowed to go about its business.

Meme schmeme – musical edition

We’re all going to have to do this one at one point or another, given that I only know like eight other bloggers, so this is going around like those monkey pox we’ve heard all about. I was infected by Jennifer at Saying Yes, and since Jennifer is teh awes0me, I can’t be all Saying No. Since deep dark personal secrets run like mega currency on blogs, I thought I would be cheap and just do a music version, given that I am only slightly competent at music blogging.

Eight interesting or random facts about myself:

  1. At various points in my life I have played piano, flute, alto recorder, alto clarinet, and the bassoon. I have never been good at any.
  2. Following my high school graduation, I was recruited by the Canadian armed forces to be a musician for the summer. I ended up chickening out of my audition and took a research position instead. In hindsight, the basic training probably would have been good for me.
  3. The first LP I ever bought with my own money was Men at Work’s Business As Usual. I have no regrets!
  4. The first cassette tape I ever owned was the Brandenburg Concertos by JS Bach. I used to listen to it on my Walkman during recess at Junior High while everyone else was into Wham! or some other crap like that. People thought I was really weird, except for the one guy who used to sing in the choir and who introduced me to other chamber music. His family owned an organ. What can I say?
  5. The first CD I ever bought was Police The Singles. It is interesting that I will be seeing them live for the first time in my life at the end of July.
  6. My favourite performance piece was Mozart’s Requiem. Hearing it is sublime, but performing it was almost divine.
  7. My current favourite band is The Kingsbury Manx. I can’t describe how many ways they are awesome, but I would give up pork for these guys to stay together. Every song on every album is perfect.
  8. The best live act I have seen is The New Pornographers. Especially when Neko Case is being super funny and cute. I would give up babka for these guys to keep performing.

8.5. Best show ever was Kingsbury Manx opening for New Pornographers at the Middle East downstairs. Pinko Punko and I got there super early and stood in the front row. Afterwards, we schmoozed with TKM, who were super nice guys, and way more into UNC basketball than I knew possible.

A Little Story

I guess I will add up the Header Contest votes, and get the headers into rotation, but first a little story:

I was trapped in line at the warehouse club gas station the other day. So many cars in line, once you are in line you are basically in line. We were behind some woman filling up her Exterra, and the pumps were slow so it took forever. And every second was like a waking nightmare. First she gets out of her SUV, chatting on her cell phone. She then proceeds to fill her tank while on her cell phone. She sets the pump on automatic and then proceeds to GET IN AND OUT OF HER CAR MULTIPLE TIMES. We’re sitting there thinking this is like Ed’s Appliance story about the locked and loaded chump in the condiment aisle. We then imagined what she must have been doing inside her car. This came to mind:
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This a-hole murdered a guard taking him to a doctor’s appointment. Let us consider for 1 second where he was gonna hide from the authorities. Maybe there are more people with “SKIN [swastika] HEAD” among several hundred other tattoos on their FACE in this world than I previously though. Maybe they’d have to DNA test everyone to find this guy. WTF???

I submit that this individual is somewhat scarier than your average scary dude.

Picture 2.png

Manson to a-hole: “I think you’re overdoing it, I prefer the creepy eyes and the minimalist self-applied bic™ swastika, but I like your effort”

I can has Friday Poop Shoot?


1. One Fantastic Day – RockFour – I can has any more possible Brian Wilson syrup? Waits, that’s t8sty1!2. 8/10

2. Ribcage – Elbow – Oh hai! I wantz to be like Coldplay. Not so good tho. Suxx0rs for us. 7/10

3. Y Gwyneb lau – Super Furry Animals – LOL! I has no idea whats they saying. Wel$h l0zrrs. 8/10

4. Cripple Crow – Devendra Banhart – I can has singz with wrble n snd f0lky. Let peace come? Sxx0rz!! 8.5/10

5. P.O.V. Waltz – Harry Nilsson – Oh noes. Ix not B33tles? 9/10

6. Along the Banks of Rivers – Tortoise – Wherz the w0rdz? I can has teh p0st rock. 8.5/10

7. Bryte Side – The Pernice Brothers – B3st t1tle evr. B0rng sng. 7/10

8. Natural Light – Tall Hands – I can has some f4me? Im yr new fvrite band? Awsim. 9/10

9. Losing Haringey – The Clientele – Im in yr Sng ov teh Dei bl0ing yr mnd. 10/10

10. Count Me in On This One! – Richard Buckner – Itz not Contree muzAk? Well whak me n a bukkit? 8/10


We’re already first class on a hellbound train, we got a little something to round out LOL week at the 3B.

I don’t mean to offend. Bless my heart.


We then saw a linky in the a Pandagon threads for some more.


If this hadn’t actually happened I would have made it up, only adding Disco Stu Tuxedo pants, some cabbage and wild and mild ranch Fritos. The fullest of the fritos.

“Angry words were exchanged,” Provo police Capt. Cliff Argyle said.

“Mr. Perry exited his vehicle and grabbed a mop out of the pedestrian’s mop bucket and started to strike the pedestrian,” Argyle said. “The pedestrian grabbed another mop and used it to defend himself. Eventually the pedestrian was shoved over a planter box and fell onto his back.”

Hee hee, “angry” words in Provo include “fetch, Gad, darn, gol, gosh, geez.” Off-handedly, I wonder how many road shows used Milli Vanilli for “girl, this church is true!” skits? That’s really neither here nor there, but you know, you gotta roll with the Provo stories somehow.