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A Moment

I lose my shit when I read stuff like this. AS 3B readers know, we have an affection for dogs around here. We however do not have an affection for cobagz that do not handle their cobag dogs. You do not have a right to own an out of control dog. Period. I have seen people walking dogs they cannot control. I have read stories of stray dogs attacking and killing lovable cats named Waffles. And now I have to read about a delightful child having her face mauled because someone owns a dog they can’t control. I have no tolerance for this. Owning this kind of dog is like driving drunk every single day. “Faultless” though the dog may be, it needs to be put down, or at the minimum removed from that home forever. I would prefer lashes for the owner in addition to forcefully dealing with the animal. We are talking about the possibility of a child being scarred for life, and it is just horrible. All of our thoughts are with BOSSY and family right now.

Theme Song Wrap Up

As our Holiday Baking Showdown Hoedown comes to a commencement, we close our theme song festival with an interesting entry. But first, to recap:

Pinko Punko and Geenie C., with the moving and touching, Against All Odds by Phil. Admit it, you are crying now.

Brando and TLB with Power Station, and an unofficial entry for getting umped up- PRIEST!

UC’s judging entry: C is for Cookie. It is indeed good enough for me.


Chicago Cartel, dear God. L to tha IMP!

Mandos, Goo Goo Goo Joob, yourself!

Fish: I have no clue what this is.

Tigrismus, with what I consider to be the most inspired non-Phil related entry. This work of genius. I would buy this DVD if it didn’t look like total crap.

Snag: No, nothing creepy here. Move along.

Jennifer: ALICE!!!!!!!!!!

Men D.: Just an audio clip with about 400 eff bombs. Or is it? FIND OUT!!!!!!

Oh, least but still last, er, I mean LAST and NOT LEAST. The Olden Cookie Qweeyne From Her Thrown LAYS DOWN THE SMACK!! IN A GLAMOROUSLY AND SlICKLY PRODUCED VIDEO OF HER OWN. I HEARD IT COST MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Not all contestants have at their fingertips a highly skiled and professional ad agency to do their bidding, doncha know. Thanks for making us all feel so very little. Whose entry could it be?? I WONDA.


3B has contracted a serious case of Ombudspersonpants. The primary source of Ombudspersonpants will be Mendacious D (mendaciousd at gmail dot com). However, since ombudspersonpants can be completely insane, we shall have a double ombudspersonpants for Mendacious D, and this will be in the form of the Doom of Mandos. All criticisms and complaints about 3B are to be directed to Mendacious D who will treat them anonymously. If you would prefer you comments to be brazenly out in the open, fearing no retribution from our deeply shallow and defensive security staff, you may leave them here. On the occasion that we receive any comments, Mendacious D will, in this space, I propose, address dear reader concerns. In turn, Mandos shall turn his bloghammer upon us all in response to what will indubitably be hilarious house organ but unsatisfactory ombudspersonpants from Men D. Billy Pilgrim shall act as tertiary ombudspersonpants, however he has postponed his first column.

For example: if Atrios wants to complain about us calling him orange or whatever, or not linking to him, or posting about what he wants, this is his chance. If Aravosis wants to complain about the fact that we claim he smells like a lanolin-soaked Chrysler New Yorker, this is his chance. If you hate us, this is your chance. I can’t wait for DA’s 50 page screed.


To our couple o’ dozen readers. I realize that loading time has made it seem like everybody has dial-up. I’m working on it.


Try it now. I have weeded out some crap. Some stuff was the evil of sitemeter.

Once Again

Le Anne Schreiber, ombuds at ESPN, slams them harder than I have ever seen Deborah Howell slam the Post. Hoyt at the NY Times is OK, I guess, but his predecessor Calame was somewhat better I think, not on all issues though. Daniel Okrent before that was a disaster.

Maybe 3B should get an Ombudsmanpants? I will look into it. We’ve had some complaints recently.

Chuckwagon Has Fired a Shot across Our Bow

Ahem. This is a disturbing turn of events. One that will not be met with indifference in the 3B Baking Services community. For baking’s sake we spit our last breath at thee!

I do like Chuckles painting his cookies to sway the judges. But can Jennifer be defeated by her own tricksies? That’s like baking a crappy magic bar and expecting BG to love it- such audacity!!!

The real reason they say “holiday”?

I’ve Got A Lot of Stuff

On my plate right now, so it will be very light. Chuckwagon can vouch that I have some secret sauce simmering with which to regale you. Most likely towards the end of the month. Work is very heavy right now, plus the baking contest. Keep checking out everyone’s theme songs at Song of the Day. Still waiting on BG.


Does this work?


Like Flypaper

For teh l4m3.

Thanks, K.

This is the unofficial official unofficial holiday bake off theme song theme song.

Instapundit wanted to enter. He send us this: