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Happy Birthday to Res Publica

at Republic of Dogs.

UPDATE- just click the clip, it’s only two minutes long and it is more terrible and appropriate that you can possibly imagine

We’ve arranged some entertainment just for him on his special day:

Also, teh l4m3 might be digging it too.

Tux Challenge Finale

See previous update for background. At today’s final weigh-in, I scored a 199.

To recap, my goal was to drop from 207.2 to 193.0. I lost only 58% of the desired weight (8.2 pounds out of 14.2), for a failing grade. If you take the theory by fish that the first five pounds are basically free, it’s even more of a failure.


Several self-fulfilling prophecies prevented me from achieving my goal. At the outset, I had an analytical argument with PP regarding the proper way to project future weight-loss. Since my method yielded a higher projection than his, and since I value defeating PP over all else, I sabotaged my efforts to ensure that I would be proven right. I also found that personality test that indicated my lack of follow-through, and after posting about it on this here blog, became invested in its accuracy.

Also killing me was a bar mitzvah menu on the night of 3/13 at a very good restaurant that I had never been to – thus my typical Thursday of “low-calorie dinner” + “tennis” was replaced with “gorging on awesome food and sampling every possible appetizer” + “sitting on ass”.

Still, there are some positives. I probably lost enough to squeeze into that tux after all and avoid a rental fee – we’ll see tonight. It also feels good to go to the scale and have a hope that the first digit you see will be a 1, whereas previously I just prayed the second digit wouldn’t. And I feel better at 199 than at 207, and it must be heart-healthier. And I did it all without succumbing to Big Oatmeal.

I learned much on this journey. I estimate there were nearly 1,000 calories per day that I didn’t eat in diet mode that I would have eaten in regular mode. That is just disgusting. I also learned that you can’t rely on exercise to lose weight – if you could, then I would have exercised and lost more instead of not exercising at all. 

Finally, I learned that with the support and love of the 3B community, marginal progress really can be achieved, whereas individual effort alone would have resulted in slightly less marginal progress – it turns out it really does take a village after all.




Why my lab suxxez, told Bossy style

Part 1 of an occasional series, in three pictures:







I Need To Apologize

For the profanity I am about to approximate.

The arse-faced cob loggers at the Onion A.V. Club have decided to take a gigantic dump on 3B by releasing the air out of our collective sails of identifying and trying disgusting new products. Certainly the unsuspecting public will presume that Delicious or Disgusting has copied the silent-m massive media conglomo, when merely they have identified an exciting new brand to rend and tear from our nurturing bosoms into their corporate Sodom.

Thank you, Kathleen, for bringing this to my attention. I am having the Chocolate Skittles delivered to them as we speak. I hope Chuckles is happy.

Ye Olde Secrete Commentin Threade


In which I call out Gregor Samsa!

2008’s Best News Yet

LIke all libertarians/Randroids, I bitch a lot about the politicians. And I probably – ok, I definitely – spend too much time screaming at the TV set. But in my more rational moments, I believe that a great number of our elected and appointed officials view themselves as public servants who are sincerely trying to do their best for the country, state, or locality they represent – I merely disagree with them on an ideological level.

Others are more shades of grey – they are trying to serve the people, but also they are serving their own personal ambition, and sometimes they put that first when they shouldn’t. But we’re all human, and I try to be accepting and understanding of these people.

I think it is only a minority of them who are truly soul-less, power-mongering dirtbags with no redeeming qualities, and it is always great fun to read a story like this about them.

Now this may not be a popular post given the liberal skew of the 3B readership, but be honest and consistent with yourselves, dear readers. If you felt a little schaudenfraude kick in when Bill Bennett was discovered to have the gambling problem, then you have to love this one too.

Oh My God

What is the extent of sheer human folly that would lead one of the brightest Democratic stars- NY Governor Spitzer- I can’t even continue. IT is about to blow up on the internet.


According to TVNewser (via; note: TVNewser link NSFW — naked Tucker pic):

Insiders tell TVNewser Tucker Carlson’s 6pmET show Tucker is getting the axe …

Sadly, they continue:

but Carlson stays on as a political contributor to all MSNBC shows at least through the 2008 election.

Apparently, the official announcement is supposed to be tomorrow.

In an effort to induce bloggers to say “heh”, they include the following:

In its 33-month run, Carlson’s show has had two names, four time slots and multiple formats.

For Carlson’s next gig, he should consider some role as a spokesperson for American corporate media as he seems to do such a good job of making their journalistic standards clear — notably in this exchange with Gerri Peev, the UK journalist who reported the Samantha Power faux pas:

CARLSON: What — she wanted it off the record. Typically, the arrangement is if someone you’re interviewing wants a quote off the record, you give it to them off the record. Why didn’t you do that?

PEEV: Are you really that acquiescent in the United States? In the United Kingdom, journalists believe that on or off the record is a principle that’s decided ahead of the interview. …


CARLSON: Right. But I mean, since journalistic standards in Great Britain are so much dramatically lower than they are here, it’s a little much being lectured on journalistic ethics by a reporter from the “Scotsman,” but I wonder if you could just explain what you think the effect is on the relationship between the press and the powerful. People don’t talk to you when you go out of your way to hurt them as you did in this piece.

Don’t you think that hurts the rest of us in our effort to get to the truth from the principals in these campaigns?

WTF is Wrong With This Blog

I need to clear out the /tmp cache. Where is that?

Big Libertarian Poop Theory In Play

For the Randroid’s intermittent weight loss. Update from here.

Exhibit A:


What says, Chuckles, the poop expert?