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Why Sarah Palin changes everything

According to Katha Pollitt:

Sure, Palin is cool — she’s pretty and vivacious and athletic, a former beauty queen who runs marathons, hunts , fishes and eats mooseburgers, plus she’s got five kids with unusual names like Willow and Track, including a newborn with Down’s syndrome.

Clearly, McCain’s choice of Palin appears to be an attempt to appeal to the 3B vote. No doubt the first time in history anyone has done this.

It may, however, be slightly worrying to one of our more extensively hybridized authors.

Though come to think of it, “hunts” and “fishes” may be sources of concern for some here too.

There is no word of whether the RNC has made a deal with the makers of Snag brand 10W40 Moosteak Sauce.

It remains to be seen whether the ambiguous nature of Palin’s wildlife related program activities will actually attract any 3B votes, but it should probably be kept in mind how easily swayed we are.

You’ve Got A Hold on Me

Curry fried rice.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Why did you make me flavor bomb the onions?

How could you possibly come up with the perfect ratio of soy sauce, fish sauce, a touch of sugar, black pepper, and curry powder?

What possessed me to color outside the lines and use an entire bunch of green onions, né scallions?

You’ve put a spell on me.

Unrelated WTF: GC has a coworker who goes nudist on weekends. And Anatomy of a Murder made me think of Brando, because it was shot on location in the UP. I didn’t realize the UP was B/W. Not really surprising I guess. The film is quite good, but perhaps prepare yourself for 2:40 and change.

Bringing it all back home

Why is it that it would take me three times as many words to say something half as awesome as this?

The Undeniable and Irresistable Interplay of Jinx and Anti-jinx

For jinx/anti-jinx, read forward/backward. For anti-jinx/jinx read backward/forward.

Pinko Punko wrote:

You were saving that.

Ear Rocks. Or Tawny Kitaen.

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

naegleria fowleri

Pinko Punko wrote:


Uncanny Canadian wrote:

Spider incident

Pinko Punko wrote:

no, the classic baseball accident that is some falling down drunk or horsing around accident that is explained as “falling out of bed” or “slipping on ice”

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

Also, appendicitis.

Pinko Punko wrote:

And throws to the wrong base on a play where it is unclear where to get the out- and other box score unknowns.

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

Picked off twice, and leaves 3rd base too early tagging-up on crucial game-tying run.

Pinko Punko wrote:

3 failures to convert DP in the field

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

8 whiffs, 10 GIDP, 6 popups. What have we done????

Pinko Punko wrote:

With a 38 LOB

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

I see a 2-24 in his near future, yes.

Pinko Punko wrote:

we just jinxed him, didn’t we

Uncanny Canadian wrote:

No, we haven’t had that discussion, and that is my bad. Lowrie is awesome. I think he is very much in the Pedroia kind of mold – doesn’t strike out much, has some patience, and can scatter hits around. He is putting up super solid numbers right now. Very impressive to me is the 31 RBIs for 44 hits. He’s come through big. I also like the 0.377 OBP.

Pinko Punko wrote:

Have we discussed how Lowrie is an awesome contributor?

Say what?

Our avian colleague admirably persists in provoking us to post, in this case on the tedious subject of grammar. Very well. The chimera that is the Ombirdspersonmoose presents the following for the Committee’s consideration:

In our inexpert opinion, 3Bulls! refers to this website (hereafter, the “blog”). Since authorship has changed somewhat since its inception, and in some cases continues to evolve, the argument could be made that no particular three bulls are wholly responsible for the content on the blog.

(We will also save our dear commenters the trouble of mentioning the possibility that no one wishes to be responsible for most of the content on the blog, and also that “content” may be a bit of a stretch in any case)

Since the current authorship/editorship comprises both discrete and overlapping characteristics, it could be argued that 3Bulls! is representative of a single gestalt entity, possibly for tax purposes, which may or may not divide into three recognizable parts. A Venn diagram might be useful, or a precise breakdown of percentages, but we suspect it would arouse the passions of certain non-partisan non-affiliates. Also, it is giving a portion of the (disputedly) human-ungulate-avian section of said entity a stinging headache that can only be remedied with gin, and possibly recusal.

We agree that any possessive form ought to include a suffixed apostrophe, despite aesthetic considerations, and that other punctuations such as commas should follow suit (see ass, half-). Consider the usage as applied to the band Against Me! or the British television series Chef! for further reference. English, in the words of the estimable Doghouse Riley, makes a poor cudgel. It is also, however, in our estimation, a reasonably functional colander, and this is how we shall employ it: straining meaning where possible, and finding new meanings where unintended.

We therefore leave this to the vivid imagination of the readers, and their aptly improvised grasp of theoretical grammar constructs. Other complaints, if any, may be sent to the usual address.

Bad 3B Pun Thread Starter Post Post

Ba da bap bap ba…I’m gloving it!


Al Trautiwig is a CObag

guess what chunderface, if Alicia Sacramone had scored TWO MORE POINTS America’s gymnasts would still have taken silver. we shall commence bombing al trautwig in 5 minutes


real americans love AS. just shut yer cobholes

The Depressing Inevitability of Everything and the Forward Progress of Time, Entropy, Nothingness and the Eventual Descent into Worm Food

One of my fave spots on this planet has ceased to exist as it was known to me in my x years of life. I’ve probably been to this spot 10 times in my various visits to Arches National Park. The trail is a relatively accessible and easy walk, however many of the foreign tourists don’t quite get to this point, so it is the portion where you start to appreciate how quiet the desert is. Also, the trail travels between two rock fins at this point so it is a cool, shady oasis on especially hot days. You could climb up a relatively short rock fall and sit under the arch or walk just beyond and just take a break to look back out over a vista. Please check out the Salt Lake Tribune story with some before and after pictures.

Please do not check out the factually inaccurate Associated Press story run by the Deseret News {x}.

Some photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Possible glimmer of hope- the Trib has a picture that the tree underneath might have made it. I hope they don’t clear it removing debris to make the trail passable. I am sad for a variety of reasons about this.

UPDATE I’ll try to make this post more 3B-ish below the fold, but I really am sad.

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Weekend Anthrax

I’d like to point to this transcript of an NPR interview with Ivins’ defense lawyer, who I consider to be (truly) professional and credit to the institution. I’ve been rounding up a number of abstracts that layout some of the genotyping technology involved with the typing of anthrax strains. Getting into the weeds there will not be useful until we know some very basic information about the case: a) the nature and number of the “1000 strains” tested, b) the nature of the test speculated to have been performed on the mailed spores and the vial of spores at Detrick that identified a specific mixture of genotypes (likely a ratio and an accounting of variants) that supposedly fingerprinted the letter spores as being a direct relation to the Detrick vial, and not likely a more indirect descendant of the Detrick spores. Do I suspect some poor understanding of the science and implementation in the case description by the FBI? It certainly is possible, and must be kept in mind. I think that any Congressional inquiry should subpoena several experts in the field to validate the scientists and who’ve been contracted by the FBI and their approach. This case will never be proven, however I hope that the science will allow some sorts of conclusions to be made.

More uses of ungulates in winter sports

In Estonia, they play ice cricket.

This is apparently pretty much like cricket, except played on ice (“directly on the ice, no mat is laid down”), so that “the results are a little more unpredictable and provide more fun and variety”.

This is obviously the most important rule of ice cricket:

If you hit either a wild Moose or a cross country skier, an extra 6 runs is added to your score.

It is not mentioned if it makes a difference whether or not the moose is being used as a curling stone at the time.