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Oh great

In Nature, Advanced Online:

Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy

Society must respond to the growing demand for cognitive enhancement. That response must start by rejecting the idea that ‘enhancement’ is a dirty word, argue Henry Greely and colleagues.


Pretty soon, mothermunchers are gonna be folding space. Thanks, can’t wait for the planet killing crusades!

Things I have the time, inclination and privilege to worry or even think about

Since we’ve already been declared trivial, and we agree, I’d like to indulge for a brief second. When I listen to songs that I love, that provide some sort of human feeling or weird emotional resonance, I think is this the last time this song will work for me in this way? Kind of like when the hypothetical drugs stop working or your favorite food stops being your favorite or something just stops.

One song that I love [number 4 on the list], regardless now of how many times I’ve heard it, or how many choady DJs act like they’ve always loved it since two summers ago, but somehow their radio station only had the balls to play it since it took off in a movie trailer, and I have loved since the first second I heard it, and a song now that has had many, many lives do to the fact that its sample is essentially the perfect pace for any retrospective visual contemplation of anything.

I worry about when I won’t feel the same way. When I’ll just skip it when it comes on the shuffle.

Example 1, Pineapple Express Trailer:

Example 2, Slumdog Millionaire Clip (won’t spoil the film for you):

Saw the second today, and enjoyed the film. Some very sad and happy parts. Dickensian has been used to describe it, and I think that is accurate. Don’t let someone oversell you on it. I think it rises to the level of pretty good, but certain parts, especially in the first half were well done and strongly affecting, and of course “Paper Planes” used for a wonderful moment.

Top Lines of the Evening-Filthbot Matchgame

A) “I dare you to put your wiener on that.”

B) “Sure thing, even though she’s carrying another man’s baby.”

C) “He really wanted to come. No he totally didn’t want to come at all.”


1) Pinko Punko

2) Kathleen

3) USC Water Polo Team

Answers subsequent to clicking.
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No one expects the internet tradition

I have been puzzling over the way the term “concern troll” has become so common in internet discussions for purposes that have little to do with its original meaning. Continue reading ‘No one expects the internet tradition’

Swoof e-mails Us

This. Our only possible response was that spider money once again must be hypothetically at least a smidge more effective gambit, but this one had some good energy. Sighwagons.


Possible closure on freaky case forgotten by many, not by some.

If CNN only had to cover pizza bomb related news, maybe they’d do OK. They should fire everyone and then make Wolf read pizza news. They can start with AC. I said it.


The Hipsternomiconodrome.

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Yikes(wagon McGoo)

So it appears that the troll thread has spilled into my Inbox. Primarily, I’ve been getting trolled by the Nutter. I will spare you the personal private, deeply offensive ones. You would go instantly insane if were to read even the tiniest fraction of them.

Instead I give you this work of art. I simply dare you to top this. Seriously, Scrutator can eff its forgotten self, because this isn’t real fake parody, this is the real real stuff.

I can’t wait for the Giants to release Plaxico Burress and for the Cowboys to sign him. Carrying a gun? Oh my gosh! Why, who would do that? Certainly not the judges who are going to pass judgment on him. I’m sure they are unlike every judge I’ve ever known who owned a gun. Like any Cowboy fan is going to care.

Mouse House

A tiny mammal is wreaking havoc in our pantry. So help me if he/she/it goes for the TJ’s Marcona Almonds. Smokey is currently pooping a stuffed monkey, while Pugsley has initiated a repeat of Poop-a-sock. So we are on tenterhooks about this. He’s zoinked socks since Poop-a-sock, but he’s been more of a hoarder, as if he knows that discomfort and indigestion are on tap, and has not seen fit to even chew. Not last night. Previously he has gone for the toe. He worked on a heel last night. We suspect there are three small pieces attempting to obstruct the inner workings of Pugsley, as opposed to one largish piece last time. We’re worried, but optimistic. Also, I loved my Met. A. Phor. last year. Good times!