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I would never cast aspersions

I certainly know that Snag would never drive while impaired, but certain aspects of this had a Snaggian-esque resonance with me.

And in linking to the story I contribute to the demise of old media by favoring news of the weirdos over news of the horrible.


The true face of the Chuck Todd-Blue Girl Axis of Evil.



Liberal Elitism of the Mandarin Brahmin New Media Exclusive Cabal-BREAKING

My esteemed colleague Mickey Kaus was the first to break onto the scene with a stunning debut of Basque-Whackery- detailing the intricate and internecine workings of JournoList. Dangeral Professor exposed another group here. I am now here to share with you something even more contemptible. And equally horrific. This shadowy alternate internet is called “Facebook.” This exclusive club mirrors our public internet while providing an exclusive, secretive evironment for Scrabble, poking (some teenage sex thing) and probably tickle fights. This incredibly exclusive and selective club has almost 200 million members, and contrary to slanderous rumors, distortions and lies, not myself.

A source has revealed to me some goings on about this list. This source has risked their professional reputation for the sake of embarrassing some Facebook users. This source is a total bastard. I cannot confirm or deny whether this source is Jonathan Chait. On the advice of counsel I will say that this source is not Jonathan Chait.

Allow me so backstory.

Earlier in the week there appeared to be a popular uprising against Chuck Todd of NBC News.

Some comments included:

Kevin Baker:

So what do I do, Chuck? When we’re living on the streets, will that be enough? Or should we set ourselves on fire, too? Should I kill my cat and eat her? I don’t think I can sell my blood, because I take a couple of prescription medications. Perhaps I should sacrifice my prescription drug plan in exchange for being allowed to participate in this economic recovery! Whatever that means!


Chuck Todd’s comment was so out of touch and self-serving I thought John Aravosis wrote it for him.

But there was some serious pushback, as if it had been orchestrated in a secret lair, with a hidden purpose:


You know, that was a *really* stupid question he asked. I mean, really stupid.

I wouldn’t say he’s a dick, though. I’d say he’s a simpleton. A dope.

To which the responses were entirely clear:


No, BG, Chuck Todd is a dick.


No, BG, Chuck Todd is a dick.

I agree. There didn’t even need to be a post, just the title.

Again with the full court press, as if it had been planned IN ADVANCE!@!


I so do not think Chuck Todd is a dick.

Finally, crazy man free spirit Pinko Pinko:

If Chuck Todd isn’t a dick, then Plato knows of now way to philosophize about the ideal dick.

Total dickbag on double coupon day for free dicks in a dick lottery where the is one number and one ticket, which he is holding in his prehensile dick-hand.

Where could BG have so carefully orchestrated her instant and well-planned defence of Chuck Todd?

I really started to wonder when I saw her blog. Screen shot below in case she inevitably decides to scrub the “evidence”-


This was indeed shocking. Not nearly as shocking as what my source claimed to reveal to me about the inner workings of “Facebook”- I haven’t verified the veracity of this document, but it would be irresponsible not to speculate.


Absolutely chilling. HNT? Kajillion babies?

Dead Ant, Dead Ant

I don’t hate Somerby. I do read his blog but generally only a few posts a month and that’s all I can take.

Somerby has chosen a very unpopular job: a progressive who spends a fair amount of his time criticizing the “liberal” and “progressive” media and political establishments. For that he is to be commended. The establishment of the left isn’t faultless and needs to be criticized. As the influence of the blogoshpere has increased I think that Somerby has naturally tended to pay more attention to it. Where it all turns to custard is the way in which Somerby goes about his criticism. Yes I’m talking about the dreaded ‘tone’ and also the repetitiveness of his criticism. I don’t know if his shtick is meant to be humorous but it no longer tickles my funny bone. I’m over it.

It really has come to the point, where to my mind at least, some Daily Howler posts are unrelenting in their name calling and rather weak on factual criticism. Somerby makes some good points but only seldom is the criticism constructive. And I think that’s primarily where he falls flat. Let’s face it, the right-wing media and blogosphere could care less about what Somerby thinks or writes about them. The left-wing blogosphere (his ‘nominal allies’) and to a lesser extent the left-wing media probably do care but he often comes across as such an asshole that he ironically makes it easier to walk away from such criticism. I feel like he pisses away his best chance of making a difference. Yes maybe his targets need to toughen up but maybe Somerby also needs to take a step back from his blog persona and think about what it is he’s trying to accomplish and what the best way to accomplish it is. He’s got the chops but what I attribute to bitterness and anger take away from his criticism. They make it indigestible.

Lately I’ve found myself reading the Daily Howler using the same metrics that Somerby himself applies to others. I don’t think that the results are that flattering for Bob. Work isn’t shown, he often plays the mind reading game, and his research, apparently impeccable for all things Gore, routinely falls flat. This is most unsatisfying for somebody that sets such a high bar for others.

I started this post a long time ago but pretty much gave up on it as laziness consumed and as the moment passed. It was about the Keith Olbermann dust up of a few months ago, which I actually didn’t follow that closely. But at the time it reminded me of a DH post of 19 February, which I found less than satisfactory. It’s probably been already covered in a much better fashion elsewhere but the original (unfinished) post is below the fold. Continue reading ‘Dead Ant, Dead Ant’

Les pantaloons des serieusement serieux

First off I am a giant hypocrite for reading the Mickey Cobag Kaus JournoList-leaked and edited thread, talking about it here, and not linking that a-hole for publishing it. Only discovered from following this (thank you Thers). My comments here are going to obliquely relate to an ongoing discussion here at 3B about the function of The Daily Howler and our current understanding of a “liberal media elite.” They really only tangentially have to do with our previous exhortations on some related matters, as featured in this thread at Whiskey Fire, most likely lauded as “Wow… half the comments here are nearly as annoying as Somerby himself” by the delightful bh.

They are going to be extensive, and possibly many-threaded. I apologize for the excessive and suffocating seriouspants- in fact they may chafe. However, I might rip Althouse at the end. 1)Amending: Althouse rip will be in comments if I have the energy.

Continue reading ‘Les pantaloons des serieusement serieux’

References   [ + ]

1. Amending: Althouse rip will be in comments if I have the energy.

It is written, so it must be so

Sadly, I do not know which Chuck Todd Gawker seems to think they are faux contrarianly feasting on, but who am I to argue with the chumming of the water with NBC’s gummy bear. More serious is our respected colleague KWB forcefully making the case for Chaz being a funky bratwurst.

In what way can Mr. Chuck Todd’s reputation be salvaged? We suggest an honorary award.


Perhaps some astroturfing by one of his fan clubs could further burnish his rep.

Some Comment Action

in an unsuspected area our our empire.

The Dark Side of the Twittermoon-Darker than the Kathleen side

KWB– naughty!


It appears everyone takes being banned from Ezrollo’s Twazzes differently. Except if you click that link you will find that you are not blocked. Thanks, Google cache for ruining my inability not to know by making me think I was allowed indifference as opposed to disallowed inhostility.

TWITTER. An endless many headed coin of more than two sides.

What facets will it reveal of its gem-like jewel?


What does everybody do all day?


Oh. I see.

5 bucks BG wants to click on the above and take some quizzes.

I had something even better but I couldn’t remember the punchline, except that it was meanzoes. Maybe if I check the Capt’s Twitter I’ll remember it.