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Actually surprised

That Emuvosis, blogger, only just recently learned of the term “Village” in regards to his entire social circle. All those years of Treo-ing the Eschaton RSS I guess he skipped over the “what Digby said” ones. We love digby forever and a day, but she pulls her punch here. I can’t remember my absolute fave, was it the sad sack lack of tax break for the over 75 large crowd, or the “big girl” beef?

AmericaBlog top hits walks down memory lane.

The So Bad Its So Bad Its Terrible Its Good at Being Terrible

3B Musical Interlude

I imagine Kathleen, doped out on maternal happy hormones, waving baby B pics at a glowering anti-mommy blog UC. I wish there were a verse in the song about Tom Petty sitting on a mountain of cash money while playing this song to haters for hating on him for selling the sample to “Free Falling” for the song describing said hate. Advantage: Tom Petty RE: Getting irony soaked cash.

I imagine fish playing this song to AG hating for not sharing his fishstick. Advantage: fish.

I imagine Snag playing this song for the boys at inappropriate times when they try to get at his cash. Nothing could be more annoying and embarrassing (for them). Perhaps if Snag decided to wear some bling for affect or a delightfully unfortunate doo-rag. Advantage: Snag.

Notes from the Cloverhill Big Texas Honey Bun radio scene: I don’t think I’ve ever heard Def Leppard back to back with Erasure before. This is a lie. Likely a high school dance.

Also: In the Beach Boys:Def Leppard analogy, Good Vibrations:Armageddon It. Sad, but true.

Also, I kind of imagined Capt. Trollypants trying to hit on Blue Girl at some internet airport bar by playing this song on the jukebox. A song so resistant to its inherent cheese factor that Bruce can dance like Molly Ringwald in the video and I still love everything about it. The Captain might not recognize anything so subtle, but advantage: accidentally Captain T.

New Feature at IBTP

Ways in Which the Internet Sucks. Not surprisingly it finds a way to include Jake Tapper, who we simply and cruelly wound by the mere fact of mentioning him in the negative light he so sadly deserves.

We’ve been waiting for just this moment to present some screen caps from this week.


If only the confused bisexual lesbians could make up their minds, we’d be able to finally conquer this health care debate and make it to Mars. Global warming sadly, is linked to bi-racial men who can’t decide what flavor slurpee they want, and seems intractable.


Blarp. Psssssssssssss. *Deflate* POP, Whirrrrr. Sigh.

The Norwegian Blue, on the other hand

finds all this very offensive. (via)

My Freedom to Go the Speed Limit

Was curtailed by a Ron Paul bumper besticked Volkswagen pulling out directly in front of me, as if I were invisible, and I wondered about the net freedom resulting. Do we consider the sacred right of way, or is this right not recognized as we were both driving on the fascist blacktop of government tyranny, the public highway strip?

The Side is the Same Side But Different Side

That I am stuck with Kevin Drum, being in sullen solidarity with on many issues, but somehow less easily bored. I realize, though, that this side will always lose due to the inevitable boredom of Mr. Drum, ironic I know. Case in point. Topped with the ask and answer your own question in the mouth of someone else asking that question Benen-ism. Sad.

For the record, I think court cases objecting to religious symbols on public property have gone way beyond the point of diminishing returns. Basically, I don’t care anymore, and if it were up to me I’d leave the cross alone.

But it’s not up to me, and once these cases go to court they don’t deserve this kind of sophistry. As Jonathan Kulick asks, “Does Justice Scalia actually not understand that the cross is, in the United States, the most common symbol of the resting place of the dead because most of those dead were Christians?” Apparently not.

Yes, I think Scalia “doesn’t understand.” That is the most supported hypothesis.

As Capt. Trollypants asks, “Does Kevin Drum actually not understand that Antonin Scalia is a fundamentally disonest Loafnozzle McGoo? And that being bored is not really a useful metric towards church-state policy?” Apparently not, Pinko Benens.

Pinko is then killed by a giant cabbage monster offstage for Benening.

Fuel for the fire

Or, “Audients Participation.”

The oft-mocked Pitchfork, not content with the annual material PP and UC already have to work with, bestow upon us their top 200 albums of the decade.

It should be noted that the musical stylings of one Capt. CT Trollypants are mysteriously absent. We expect howls of outrage forthwith.

We are certainly not expecting our esteemed management to actually review the massive list of lists, but our darling commenters may be willing to lend a hand.

In other news, there is no news, except for these shoes. A must-have accessory for red track pants on the go.

Rick P. Coined the Phrase

“E. coli conservatism” for a reason.

Good write-up from the NY Times, with direct nods at industry pressure and practices that exist because it is cheaper to have a low percent but non-zero chance of killing you than to have a safe product.