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Problem Shopping

Always on sale they are.

In addition to the usual problems on sale in life, during grocery shopping when hungry or punchy, one fires up the unending Delicious or Disgusting possibilities. In one recent trip, and hopefully we’ll be able to read about here:

Stride Mystery Flavor gum (thanks, Jennifer)
React Blah Blah special gum
Pretzel M&Ms which should be delicious from the word go, and why haven’t I tried them yet?
Mr. Dragon’s Fire Doritos or some such (wasabi Doritos). Really Frito Lay? Really?

Also from previous problem shoppings:

Cheetos Mighty Zingers
A bunch of other Cheeto flavors that were limited edition and unmemorable.

Welcome to Cloverhill Big Texas Honeybun, update

A) Rare, because I called out this chump out when he climbed out of the cab. He brushed it off. If Chuckles had been present, retribution would have been meted out. Also, he met his friend inside Crap Burrito, so it limited my growing list of public shaming options. I told Edroso that I was shocked at the missing Ron Paul bumperstick.

B) Rare, because this was the F350- the mother load.

alrighty then

It’s generally at about this point in the blogging lulls that I put forth some half-a**ed post that so horrifies the other bullsies that they spew forth actual content like Eyjafjallajokul spews forth ash on a restless day. Doneski!!!!!

Also we are challenging Riddled to a Wellington street art competition.

definitely not banksy

Best found art wins. I have dibs on “Darth Vader playing the Rubik’s cube.”

One Night Only

ZRM, would you ever have believed we’d light our lighters with this for you? We would! It is your special day!!!!!


Actually, more of a lower case blarg, or a whimpering mleb.

I was going to hammer JMM o’ TPM for a gotcha on Joe Biden for something on the Today show but that went under the rug because nothing came of it. Also Paul Campos at Lawyers Guns and Money. I think I might agree with him on some of this Kagan business, but oy. And then I was going to backhandedly allude to Glennzilla as an upscale Campos, and then I read about secret torture at Bagram. Can fish animate me an old man gif of Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers saying “REALLY, OBAMA?”

Ernie Harwell

A broadcasting giant, and a phenomenal voice, and everything else. Rest in Peace.

Perhaps this is too romantic of a view, as these things always are. But this speech will make you cry because you want so badly for it to be true.


Who’s there?


I reproduce, here for your pleasure:

Mrs. Fields donation of 3 cookies …
Category: Other

20 hours ago Linda L. says:

Thank you Mrs. Fields Cookies for your generous donation of 3 cookies for
our fundraising event for Retinal Research. Your generous donation will
surely make an impact on this foundation’s research.

I understand that our event didn’t “fit” your donation guidelines; but to send
a coupon for three cookies is insulting and insensitive.

19 hours ago Amanda “MAGOO” M. says:

Well, can I have the coupon then?

Elite ’10 209158
19 hours ago from Yelp for iPhone Mike S. says:

Dude. Wrong site. I can see how the red might confuse you….

Here here’s a ball to play with.

Elite ’10 284776
18 hours ago Jim “The Traveler” U. says:

You requested a free donation, they made one. You deem the donation not good enough for reasons unspecified and have chosen to inform all of the amateur restaurant reviewers in the greater New York city area about this. Why? And why do you feel Mrs. Fields should be obligated to give you anything? They sounded respectable enough from my standpoint.

Elite ’10 46219
18 hours ago Kate “the present king of france” T. says:

Review Mrs. Fields?

Elite ’10 133127
18 hours ago Scott “suburb dweller” P. says:

Congratulations Jim, youre an asswipe

People talk about almost anything in these threads, is there a requirement Im not aware of? Or maybe she would have preferred no donation rather than cookie coupons, which is an insult really.

Elite ’10 284776
17 hours ago Jim “The Traveler” U. says:

It is now an insult to receive something for free if it less than what you expected? I guess Peter D has been dogging me all this time by allowing me to attend elite events and not pouring Cristal down my throat.

@Scott P

Yes, people talk about anything in these threads. I am talking about why I fail to understand what the big deal is. Try to keep up my little man.

17 hours ago Amanda “MAGOO” M. says:

Congratulations Scott, your an asswipe.

Elite ’10 182209
15 hours ago Janeen “The Fem-Bot Edition” B. says:

Congratulations Amanda, you’re an asswipe.

Elite ’10 317461
15 hours ago Jaime “just plays one on yelp” M. says:

Congratulations everybody. You’ve earned 3 Mrs. Fields cookies.

13 hours ago Marjan “sans souci” G. says:

Mrs. Fields is passe at best, the cookies are too greasy and
sweet and are about 800 calories each.
Think of it as lucky that they only gave three cookies.
Who needs them !

Elite ’10 46219
5 hours ago Kate “the present king of france” T. says:

800 calories? Rockin’. I could eat 2.5 each day and be set.

Super secret hat tip to e-mail helper!