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In lieu of

a dark and depressing post about the bottom of the Cloverhill Big Texas political ad barrel, and the worst of the worst snotty, grabbing, selfish dog-insulting brat trick or treaters (GRANPA PANTS=ON), onto whom I will project the infective conservative hypocrisy of their unknown parents, I will give you the 10-minute Jack-O-Lantern:
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That Feeling

I don’t like it when GC fast-forwards through this commercial:

I think Goob really likes the song too. She clears shelfs happily to its sunny tune.

Full song:


We have a situation that maybe we could have predicted but nevertheless seems somewhat novel when it actually happens, yet when it does, things seem strangely beyond our control or comprehension.


Let us open the self-referential meta-bidding with these unworthy contributions:

Zombie Rotten McGriddle
Republic of Smoke Dog (and by corollary, Pug Timer)
Blue Skittles in a Technicolour Dream State

Any takers?