Monthly Archive for January, 2011

TCM Promo

Turner Classic Movies likes to tell you what is coming up in between movies, and they always work themselves into the promo, like “then at midnight, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman unexpectedly meet in North Africa in Casablanca, TCM has you on the run from Nazis tonight.”

In our case the promo would be over at Delicious and Disgusting, Mandos has you totally encased tonight.

Visa Says

Meet “the eats baby seal hearts and drives private submarines constructed of platinum and caviar” club.

Let’s get Morgan Freeman to voiceover and we could have an effective ad.

The Level of No Time I Don’t Have is Minimal

Does this mean I have a lot of free time?

Here’s a time waster that is zero-assed. I think I was waiting to talk about this with UC but forgot, be we missed an entire round of puns relating to Modern Family. Previously they had done gay icon pets, which we of course killed. Later in the year they did holiday theme parties:

“Studio Fifty Fourth of July BBQ”
“Seder Day Night Fever”
“Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch”

And we didn’t even get going with those. And I couldn’t even think of anything besides Spanksgiving!

I suck.



Nah, makes no sense!

Yggie Stump Goob with Sophistry





KWB is back in action. Question: What will the level of our constant degradation be?

True story: I got pulled over last week driving hope super late by the Big Texas Cloverhill Constable because my headlight (just one) was out. As I pulled off the road: “damn it, Telephone just came on. Come ON.”

Also, I noted that our friend fish failed miserably at jinx/anti-jinx this weekend. Sad.

Finally, annieangel will appreciate= “two fifty for a highball/ and a buck and a half for a beer”

We Lost the F

Rest in peace, Trish Keenan, vocalist for Broadcast.

This song already always felt wintry, a January chill, but a far off one. Now it much sadder, for many reasons.

Broadcast-“I Found the F”

Some of you might recognize the plaintive cries of the mecha-emu, because those are from “I Found the End”