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Good Times

Thunderpants should probably duct tape his head together, lest it explode.

To wit, the New York Times Public Editor.

Bob Woodward, who wrote about secret operations in Pakistan in his recent book “Obama’s Wars,” described for me the competing priorities in play in this situation. On one hand, he said, the Davis affair is just the “tip of the iceberg” of intensive secret warfare the United States is waging in the region. “I think the aggressive nature of the way all that is covered is good because you are only seeing part of the activity, ” said Mr. Woodward, who also is associate editor of The Washington Post.

“But you just don’t want to get someone killed,” he added. “I learned a long time ago, humanitarian considerations first, journalism second.”

Three beat silence.

Cue: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Keyboard Kommandos style.


It has come to our attention that the ombudsing on this weblog has crawled/shambled/stumbled to a halt, perhaps even with its pants down around its ankles.

Therefore, it is time to address reader complaints and concerns.

Hello, Reader Complaints and Concerns!

On the chance that there are any from those who have not already shan’t be backed, please list them in the comments.

All the best,

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Furtherfuthermore, James Franco

Random Randroid Brings The Quality

Nobody can turn the corporate-sandbag machine genius on quite like the Random Randroid.

I pass on this post at Deltoid about Conservative Think Tank Heritage Heartland Institute massaging climate data to their own devices.

Note Tim Lambert’s image below on the cherry picking of data:

In e-mail I tell RR how sad I think it is. He agrees:

Even the cherry-picking is half-ass – I would have gone the extra mile and said that from Sep ’89 to Mar ’09 – in less than two decades – artic [sic] ice more than doubled. Then I would have said – where’s the global warming, *ssholes? Maybe it’s time to start talking global cooling again.

I then pass on to him an e-mail, with subject “Libertarians are Morons, Example X”, with this link, which contains an argument that taxation in the face of a giant asteroid (BRIT HUME’S HEAD???) is a no go. (thank you, LGM).

That is fascinating stuff. It reminds me of the old joke about what the New York Times headline would be in such a case: “Asteroid to Destroy Earth; Women, Minorities to be Hit Especially Hard”

I support the solution of allowing impact – the asteroid does have the right to travel freely, after all – then calling out the military to shoot the looters on sight.

I’m just kidding – actually, I support no solution. Libertarianism is designed for human socieities [sic] living in the real world, and admittedly does not stand up well to these insane hypothetical situations. The whole discussion shows the thorough triumph of libertarianism. The enemies of freedom have been so thoroughly vanquished in the intellectual sphere that they are reduced to objecting to the philosophy based on Big Asteroid. “oooh, the libertarians don’t have a Plan for when the sky turns green. Don’t vote for them!”

You might consider this a Poe moment. He’s that good.

The Local Howard E. Butt, Groceries and Various Sundries

Provided Big Texas Cloverhill Honeybun with some Valentine’s Cheer in the form of this song:

And we gave our heartiest “heh”.

Also, fish is dead to us.


I’m Matthew Yglesias. I’ve said something terrible. Not difficult. BUT, since my MY commenting system is annoying, you can’t change your handle for hilarious ripostes. You can use this thread. I will start.

So good

This was so good on the internet that it read like a plant.

Godsauce | Posted at 10:41am

The constant misuse of the terms “pedophilia” and “pedophile” bother me in a similar way that the misuse of the term “vagina” does. This would be an example of ephebophilia, not pedophilia, as the kid is 16. He is very cherubic, so I suppose one could argue that a pedophile would be into him. Of course, who wouldn’t be? He’s aborbs!


batteredgnome | Posted at 10:49am

That sounds like pedo talk to me.

rajma | Posted at 2:23pm

I think the appropriate term you are looking for here is a pedanterast.

+1 Videogum, +1.