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We are slightly disappointed, and entirely unsurprised

The Goobie Thread, it seems, has reached its saturation point. Speculators, however, are pointing out that Peak Goobie is a long way away, and to invest in shenanigans and squee for a long-term payoff.

Special mention must be made, however, of Dread Lord C’thundra for Rickrolling the thread so late in the game, and for not being the most painful comment to read within it, Brando.

One can only imagine what will happen when the spammers get hold of it.


The glorious Twitter account of JIMJAM has been suspended. We weep for the state of the media. And DINGERS.

It should also be noted that PETA, enemies of meat, would like to change the name of the hallowed Tenderloin District. We suggest that local operatives be dispatched to petition for an alternate name: Pork Snorkel.

Any other business?

We Salute


Silver Linings
from Eschaton by (Atrios)
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Our kinetic military action has brought the Medium Lobster back to life.

(ht ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©)

The light blue one perhaps is getting towards the shrill end of the pool.

Sign Her Up

I heard an ad for this on the radio. I would like to sponsor a pledge drive for Prof. Ann Althouse to attend. The mix of likely 24 hour bar access, possible Norwalk virus and an emanated litany of grievances makes it an intriguing fantastia. Make it happen, friends. Make it happen.

Also, I heard Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein a few seconds later, and a connection between a hoary albino guitar legend and Edgar Winter was made.