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Old Skool

I love how I heard this the other day and though “that was from BACK in the DAY” and somehow that is 1989. Nooooooo, it should be from the mists of time, like 1986 or something.

Add New Post (insert title here) Happy Memorial Day, PEOPLE! (and pets)

Perhaps it is Iris?

Meow!  Would you like to pet me?

Please clean up after Pugsly and friends

Oh Em Gee^WTF

Without speech am I- I thinketh that I become the Booxxor of Joob, and I feel like I have been hired to star.

The affliction to end all afflictions:

TPPF has also hired Joshua Treviño, for the new position of senior projects director. He previously served as the vice president for public policy at the Pacific Research Institute, the TPPF of California (God bless ’em). His background includes extensive experience in the government, military, non-profit, campaign, and private sectors. He is a co-founder of the popular conservative blog “Joshua is someone we have known and respected for several years, and we are thrilled that we finally have the opportunity to bring him onto our team,” Rollins said.