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Contest will Commence on Friday

Voting will happen, and rules will be followed.

We may have more headers than votes. I love them all equally. I know the equal best header will win.


All headers to 3bulls at gmail, 950 pixels wide, 200 tall, as announced.

For you, we provide the internets with a sort of fixing, as they needed this:

We patiently await the ironic twitpic tweet from @mattyglesias. We say the words three times. Ma…no we got too scared.

Thunder can say them.

UPDATE: bow to fish


What, did you think I would type content? I didn’t want to BLOW your MINDS.

One of our entries into the header contest.

950 x 200 pixels

You know you want to.

TIP OF THE CAPPER to ZRM, who efforted at >0.5 assyunits.

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We emerge only briefly from our hibernation to bring you important news: a new species of jumping spider has been discovered, and a contest is being held to name it. Beware of photos of said specimen at the link. You know who you are.

Pinko suggests ploverulus amatiens, but we are partial to the more subtle lapsias gooba, in spite of the patriarchal naming conventions used in descriptive names.

(Astute and worldly readers will note that this same edifice detailed by decidedly more local blogger Substance McGravitas. Thus far, a plaque to commemorate the visit has not been approved.)

Please contribute your suggestions below, or at the link. Bonus points for Phil Collins references and more general depravity.

Any other business?

I’d Listen to Him Narrate a Scale Model of the Phone Book

An historical interlude of content like substance, prior to the content.

Putting a price on the priceless is an affront.

From the distaff gift shop.

Our Hero

Our Hero

Does the Governor know about this propaganda?

I’m in ur base! Much love, the Goobs.

Actual Contenting to Happen

Shortly. Pictures of stuffs. Someone blindfold Snag’s heart. This might not be pretty.