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One Gigantic Heap

of nutpunches for racist *ssholes. Via Facebook, via Think Progress.

3B Does Not Endorse Stereotyping

But there are some conversations that 3B does not want to listen to evereverevereverever:

1) Two individuals in line in front of us at 7-11 (we are away from The Big Texas Cloverhill Hunnybun)

2) One is taller, one is shorter and very stocky. Quite beefy even.

3) They are discussing, likely quite inaccurately with the clerk, the upcoming Avengers film.

4) The stocky one has his card declined while buying a single item, AXE deodorant.

5) The tall one has long hair.

6) ComiCon starts on Thursday.

7) None of this was made-up.


CoMEKON would be a different story, wouldn’t it ZOMBIE?

Contest Viewing is OPEN-EDIT Voting is now OPEN

Voting is not open- not yet. We expect people to devote their precious holiday weekends to family, fun, food, and finishing headers!!!

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Success at FAIL

We love dilettante, our fave K.

11:17 PM (2 hours ago)
dilettante: I cannot believe it.

11:17 PM (2 hours ago)
dilettante: Our DVR stopped recording after 5 minutes of overtime. How did we ever come back and win? oh my god. #USWNT

11:17 PM (2 hours ago)
dilettante: I revise that last tweet. apparently we somehow won that game. #USWNT

11:17 PM (2 hours ago)
dilettante: such an unjust loss for the USWNT

Things You Click On

from Thunderpants‘ blog.

Start with this comment on Kotaku, then read the followups, and how depressing they are. Note Civil War historians lay the hard truth bare. What super geniuses populate the digital domains of the internets- this is a true golden age.


Here at the Central Ombudsman’s Board of Accession (COBA), we like to celebrate the achievements of our beloved ombudsmen the world over. So a hearty congratulations to Elisabeth Beikirch, the newly anointed “Ombudsfrau” of the German Underwear Ministry for Sneezes. We were present at the, ahem, later ceremony, ritual, and sacrifice, and we can report that the omens were appropriately neutral.

While at COBA, we normally refer to all our members and provisional members as Ombudsmen regardless of sex, the unique institution of the Ombudsfrau has special significance in German culture, in particular the production of the Ombudsbrau, the neutrality inducing drink used since ancient times in Teutonic cultures to ensure even-handedness in judgement.

So congratulations, Ms. Beikirch! May all your ministerial sneezes be unbiased.