Monthly Archive for October, 2011

OooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOooooOOOO (Factorial)!

Be safe! Don’t eat too much candy. Up with Occupy Mounds down with Occupy Snickers, and let us know if you get anything special.

And get that GHOST up in your MELON.

Backchannel Chitchattery

joined in progress…

fish: John Galt giving his speech from Ayn Rand’s underwear.

PP: I call and raise:

Alan Greenspan is giving John Galt’s speech from Megan McArdle wearing Ayn Rand’s underwear.

fish: I fold.

PP: Want to see what I had?

fish: Nah, I’m good.

I totally didn’t have Megan McArdle wearing Zardoz Randies doing the above in a mirror with Ann Althouse Indeeding Glenn Reynolds wearing Jonah Goldberg like Harpo Marx doing the fake mirror routine with Lucille Ball. Or DID I?

Bad Bad Bad

The Goob is in a picky phase. Does not try new things, except any flavor chip on the planet. [HEART]

GC just gave her some Pop Rocks. And she popped them right in.

They are coming to take her away from us as we speak, I surmise.

Then GC gave some to Skokedog and Pugsley. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Maybe CFS will crash into ASPCA during their race to our humble home.

Hateroll Amnesty

Please, in comments discuss the people you see/hear on the internet that you now realize sometimes get your last nerve’s goat. I don’t want to call anyone anywhere out/about anything. I have the lowest of the least energy to concern myself with the wrongness of some certain people who seem to exist to Be Wrong on the Internet, and in fact opinioneering up Mt. Cobag is their actual form of support, again=FLAMES/FACE.

Get it off your chestesses, you know I love you all bestesses. Please feel free to comment anonymously so your deeply hurtful honesty is secluded into backstabville.

Please, feel free to poor your sweet vitriol upon us, we don’t mind, should you wish to spew so.

Friday Night Video

Alternately, song title I do not feel comfortable typing into the Googs.

Deerhunter-“Little Kids”

So much week of busy busy.