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Spam as Ploverian Cancer

I think diacritics are the new get around the content filters. AGGRESSIVE!!!

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Musicians Dead On the Radio

There is something that always gets me when I happen to hear that a musical artist of some kind has died from a DJ who then proceeds to play a song by them. This was the very first song I heard on the radio leaving work today, having tuned to robo-oldies (recorded maybe on the moon, but with DJs, so they always throw in some sort of thing that convinces you that they were recorded on this calendar day), and today it was el DJ stating that Davy Jones had died in his same robo-current events factoid voice. He did mention that this was one of their biggest hits, and I guess it was (number one on Cashbox). Different oldies stations have different faves, so I grew up with “Last Train to Clarksville” getting the most play, then “I’m a Believer” but Smashmouth put me off that one. This station here tends to play “Daydream Believer” most of all, and maybe the other “Believer” and I guess occasionally “Pleasant Valley Sunday.” Nobody every seems to play “Valleri”. So I was confronted not really with my own mortality here, but with my parents’, as Davy Jones was essentially their age and not only that he was one of those types that had the air of forever youngness. You can really hear the Neil Diamond in this song, also lots of little bits from a number of songs, but “Cherry Cherry” is what you hear in the strum strum at the beginning and middle, but then it goes into all these other places that sound familiar and exquisitely poppy. OK maybe a little bit is I remember Davy Jones on Scooby Doo.

If Only This Basketball Team Consisted of Dude Pharmacists Playing in the You Can’t Have Birthcontrol Semifinals

the game would have been rescheduled with extreme prejudice. What I love about Big Texas Cloverhill Honeybun, is they just draw a fine line in the sand, being so sensitive to the slippery slope. I have to say I am surprised that they didn’t just automatically schedule every single game for the Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath, I mean there just can’t be two sets of rules. It wouldn’t be fair (these are Instapundit resentiment racist italics, Cf., also Trevor at comment three in the Cf.). Hattipo, Atrioni.


If you have nothing nice to say about Megan McArdle, consider putting it in the form of a battle rap.

Oh, yeah, the long delayed -not due to Mendcious D- due to battle rap star self-destructive behavior- final mix of verbal 2×4 to Matt Y will drop this week. The wax ain’t exactly still hot on this platter, but we do what we can.

Further a-hemming

First and foremost we must thank our estimable and differently-vitalized colleague for an exquisite fridge-noting, beautiful in execution and envious in scope. We would happily cede Overlordship of the Ombuds collective to Mr. Rotten if we were not too lazy to abdicate.

Second, we feel it necessary to praise plover’s resurrection of the notorious Icewedge (and many variations thereof). Background, for those of you who insist on feigning interest, can be found here.

Third and most importantly, we are quite happy that Von and other worthies have been unspammed thanks to Forces Beyond Our Control. The new WordPress posting layout is only slightly more terrible than the last, but this is a minor price to pay. Those who disagree will be banned. Again.

Fourth, to answer ZRM when he asked:


This blog is still here?


Any other business?

Nice, Budweiser

Coincidence that Bud Light Platinum uses Kanye’s “let’s hear it for the douchebags” song? Well played.