Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Sorry, Guys

I took a nap one day and I woke up and I got worried that somebody was maybe trying to have a “who can go the longest without posting” and then I didn’t want to lose just in case this was a game that was being played. Just in case.

Also this thing is like a gym membership, I pay for it but it doesn’t get used.

I think this is a better excuse than some people “OH I HAD 1 MILLION BABIES!!!!!!” or “I DELETED MY WEB LOG AGAIN WHOOOOOOOOPS” or “wev life wev”. What sort of nonsense is continuing to prevent us from communicating as jovial band of friendsies? I hope, fear and yet still imagine that plover is connected in an internecine web of mistaken identities and possibly stuffed in Edward Snowden’s duffel bag.