Monthly Archive for September, 2013

Cruz, by Florida-Georgia Line

I know it would be juvenile, but back in the day we would have had a caption contest with CSPAN screen shots of one Ted “Rage Salamander” Cruz.

Sorry I have not updated you constantly on Matthew Y. being a cobag- that is pretty much a daily situation.

I can’t believe we are so far flung that we cannot do choco skittles shooters and raise a little heckwagon.

Question: Guess who I thought about when this graduate student Johnny Science started chatting with me the other day and the only thing I could think was “this dude is high as a kite, hope he didn’t break any SCIENCE”?

Question: RE: weekly Cloverhill Big Texas radio report, whenever I hear an oldies song on the oldies station that plays songs that should NOT be considered OLDIES, whatsoever, and it is a song that I have never heard before I am slightly happy, because it is something old that is new. I usually ask _______ about it, who in turn asks _________, but Google solved it for me, and then when I looked it up, the song had been Number 1.

The song was this one: UPDATE RE: this song, fish probably knows the Klaus Nomi version.

Question: Where have all the nutpunches gone?


It is clearly the red line that must not be passed as no action is more heinous. Totally unacceptable.

What is?

Using chemical weapons.

You mean like white phosphorous?

No that is okay.


Napalm is okay.

Agent Orange?

SARIN, I MEAN SARIN!!! LIKE IN SYRIA!!! Totally inhumane, cruel, only the most monstrous of the monsters would ever use it.

Yeah, killing people is bad.

No, I mean killing them with sarin gas is totally horrible!

Bullets are pretty horrible.

Everyone uses bullets. Those are okay.

But they kill people too.

Doesn’t matter, that kind of killing is allowed.

Because they are less dead?

Well, no. But it is worse to kill with sarin.

Because they are more dead?

Right. Wait, no. They are not more dead with sarin. It’s just worse okay? Killing with chemicals is bad. BAD!

Unless you are Texas.