Monthly Archive for November, 2015

Sometimes it is time

Little guy had been in a slow, slow, slow decline, but he started to waste and we felt it was time. We didn’t want to see him go over the cliff. He spent a lot of time sleeping in the last year, and I had started to take some pics of him in his little doggie dreams. Even before he was showing his years, he liked to sleep with his head at some odd angles, but this seemed to increase. We’d see him and I’d go “Little guy, you missed your bed!” It is a little sad that the last year of this terrible blog has been losing Smokedog (1 year ago tomorrow), a few half-hearted Pitchfork posts, and the current hole in my heart, losing P-dog (three weeks ago tomorrow). I miss our “boys” and I miss our community. I feel like they were our mascots. I hope we all make it through our holidays and remember to share our jokes, happy events, and our proud moments along with our sad and difficult ones.

BEGIN UPDATE I had to add GC’s favorite pic of the little guy- taken at Half Moon Bay in CA.














When we were at the vet, they were so kind. There were some very nice, well-meant things said- especially thinking about P-man running free, and having all his legs back. That is not something I believe, but the thoughts were sweet and kind. I was reminded of this scene from the underrated and wonderful Babe: Pig in the City. I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone (it is quite dark for a children’s film), but it captures what we would like to imagine.