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Complaints, Complaints, Complaints

This particular ombudsparticular has been flooded with complaints about the scarcity of one Pinko Punko, someone known as “UC”, and a rogue bird, to which I respond, am I 3B’s keeper? I think not. I’m here to listen to your complaints and then to tell you, they don’t matter. Suck on that whiners.

It is apparent that a mere spam comment can amuse you for hours on end (thank you zmurringo, and no, I do not need help in unlocking my phone). Why must a bull actually be in house? Are you that insecure? Carry on!

What I do need help with are the endless complaints, the endless whinery, the whimpery of the masses or half-massed. Feel free to chime in any other ombudslackers! Yes, this obmudsperson is complaining. If an ombudsperson complains, does anyone hear it? What is the sound of one ombudsperson complaining? Hmm?

Great, it appears Pinko has donned his chiding pants and now we are all being taken to task.