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Half Ass Ahoy!!

umm, hi.

Yeah, I am the Interim Ombudswhatever. Thanks MenD.

In a total 3Bullsian spirit, I fully intend to half ass this assignment in a way that will make the CCA sigh in ennui, the Imaginary Citrus Monsters shuffle off disconsolately, and all applicable Sink Lettuce wilt.

The funny part, the thing that I would complain about, if I wasn’t already Acting Ombudsly, is that while earlier timeframes would have allowed for extensive tomfoolery and brimful shenaniganserei, Klark Kent duties make for time conflicts. Perhaps I need to consult the Time Cube.

In any case, I AM aware of All Internet Traditions, and will do my best within the constraints of Commerce and the Best 3Bullzian Traditions to resolve queries, complaints, and general discontent.

unless, of course, someone else is buying. In which case all bets are off, and hopefully Chuckles’ Brother will be able to steal my password in order to post another wonderful ode to WWII Snipers.

So, you know, submit all your whining in the usual manner.

It should also be mentioned, at this point, that I had started an insightful, humorous, epochal Ombudspost to serve as the introductory. But you know, half ass and all.

One minor point of business, in response to a speicifc request from a Zombee. After review of the exchange, we rule in your favor. Jennifer is BANNZORS.

Umm, if I could figure out how to do that. So until then, ummm, let’s just pretend.

And. Also: visit the new Thunderpants blog, and make an appropriate mess. Zardoz encouraged,