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Too Much Thanksgiving Babpupten I Reckon

I can only think that irregular in this circumstance means either NONE AT ALL or coagulated with huge gobs of kitten hairball and puppy snausages. THYCWOTI, COME BACK!


PCW 2011

I need to be honest, this feature is less fun for probably two reasons, one UC doesn’t make me laugh nonstop anymore, though I know he would if he could, but also that the music this last year seemed just so boring. The inexplicable and the terrible have been replaced by the sadly predictable. Minimally, if we are gonna stay in this game, we should at least bring back this feature– where the mean record store clerk gives an internal monologue for your purchases. The best part is we could all hammer our favorite albums

The 2011 Track List at Pitchfork



We previously sprung the rest of the Top Tracks of 2010 as placed on a Ritz cracker by Pitchfork back in surprisingly April. The list was here, but maybe it is so old it might 404?????

2010 Numbers 20-1


Pitchfork listo here. Our previous 100-81 here. 80-61 here. 60-41 here. 40-21 here. Somebody should graph our output over the year. Diminishing returns? I think not. UC delivers! Suck it, All Music Guide!

2009 Numbers 20-1


It is done.

Previous here and in links.

2008 Numbers 20-1


Here, here, here, here, here.


Here, here, here, here.

2011 JUST IN TIME FOR 2012! And here. we. go.

100. Thundercat “For Love (I Come Your Friend)”
PP says: The intro on this is very free-form Spinal Tap jazz odyssey. Now I am wondering if this is a Destroyer-level joke/awesome ironic/serious take on something, but now I feel like it is cool kid irony reversal, make something so uncool that you can reverse direction on a dime and declare it cool when nobody is looking, guaranteeing that you will lead the charge. My feelings on this: jazz fusion is either great forever, or mostly never, but it is one or the other, and if you can’t explain it without using the context “no, this is cool now because it isn’t cool” then it is probably just a noodly wank. Novelty mixtape trashbin material, but inoffensive.


We’re Gonna Rock Down To Electric Ave-emu


, DOMINATES the proceedings.

Imagine the sinister vibration. The glass of water, sitting helpless begins to detect the relentless march, a march that can only relate tothe emchanized emu stormtroopers, emitting mechanized buh-sqwacks. They attempt to declare up is down, being controlled from a secret base in the Asperger’s mountains, some of which should be italicized (wink!). Three Bulls shall resist their electronic, pleathery, feathery bottoms as long as we can, however it appears their columns one through four are supported by an immense straw-beast as well. WE BOW DOWN BEFORE MECHA EMU!@@! All our blog are owned by fish!


Prize pack to be announced and thought of at a later date once UC is safely ensconced in the 3B mobile from his flight from Zlorton.

SECOND PLACE: FISH AGAIN. Not only does our evil, how evil? Babpupten evil- Veep hold stock in MECHA-EMU INC he is squishing our tiny head with his baby-seal befatted fingers. WE BOW BEFORE CHENEY.


THIRD PLACE: Oy! It’s alive!!! The increase in frequency of the lazer’s harmonics while focused upon the crystal has made the breakthrough! TIGRISMUS HAVE DONE IT. PORK IS NOW KOSHERLY SNORKELABLE! SO SAY THE KOHANE OF THREE B ONCE REMOVED!!@1. The inevitable pull quotes in the press release: “Boooooo! Hisssssss!”-various scallops and oysters.


Clif missed 3rd by one point. A heartbreaker. Also Clif took 5th tied wth Noto. tigrisumus took 7th with KANE!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone thank you so much. A good time was had by all. Let the lawsuits and recounts begin!!!

Chuckles’ Marching Orders

So there is this whole “evil twin” bidness going down at Sadly, No.  But then Michelle Malkin piled on about how joking about “evil twins” is no laughing matter.  Listen, if she pursed her lips any harder, alligators would go extinct.  However, M.M. already has 4 trackbacks explaining how much they agree about how this is more evidence of liberal whatever.  We’ve got JunkYardBlog and Stuck on Stupid coming to Malkin’s defense.  Listen, I think it is time for Chuckles to get some more notches in his banned-wagon.  These are literally the dumbest people in the entirety of human existence.  Hyperbole?  Listen if you can’t even come up with something to talk about like Babpupten or Gun Cake or cobaggery, what’s the point of your stupid blog?  Seriously!  I know, I know you are “working on your writing” and we have “BDS” and any word out of my mouth is just more evidence for blah blah.  Traitor blah blah.  Monkeys blah blah.

It just doesn’t matter what the truth is here, if you have the possibility of an evil twin even being discussed or mentioned, it is FUNNY.  We’re not the ones making jokes about Abu Ghraib or “Club Gitmo” so put a sock in your cakehole, brother.

As we say in the business: EAT IT COBAGS!1!1121!